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Jason Derulo Savage Love Review

When Despacito was released by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee in 2017, the world was blown away with the Latino beat. Just like “Shape of You” by Ed Shareen, it blew the internet and music mainstream away-topping all the charts across the world. Fast forward to 2020 and Jason Derulo has released a song that has the same Latino flavor with the help of Jawsh 685. Just like Despacito, Savage Love is becoming a mega hit already topping the Billboard hot 100 songs chart.

The beat which is a blend of Caribbean drum kit plays with acoustic guitars-giving it this mariachi feel makes it groovy to dance to. Just like vintage “Maria Maria” by Santana and The product G&B, the song makes one want dance a little bit of salsa. Although a sad love song, Jason Derulo finds a way to make it really groovy and danceable.

 Normally this song will not make the hit but the Latin beats can never go wrong. The American pop music community are always looking for ways to deviate from the usual trap, Hiphop and RnB music genre. When songs like Despacito and Savage love are released everyone one American jumps on the groove and enjoy the music. Big ups to Jason and Jawsh 685 for their switch in sound because it just gave Jason another hit song.


The song sheds light on people who remain relationships because they are relatively emotionally helpless. The song tries to paint a picture of a man who still loves a girl who is not truly committed to the relationship. Jason who sings from the perspective of guy who is been taken advantage of, calls the love a “Savage Love”.

Jason Derulo opens the song by stating that if he wakes up and his lover was not right beside him on the bed that he does not know how he will take it. Adding that since he met her that part of him that thought he will remain single died; he claims to have been falling over and over again for her. Stating that even though he knows that she only agreed to get into a relationship with him just to get back at her ex-lover, he claims to never care. Finishing off the verse he claims that he knows that her love is not trust worthy. He uses the word: “creepy” to define the kind of emotional movement she makes around him.

The second verse has Derulo hope that is not karma trying to catch up with him. Revealing that he has been a bad boy who never falls for ladies. He however claims that since he met her that he has been doing everything to win her love. He finishes off the verse by stating that this lady have been making him spend all of his cash on her which is not something he normally does for women.

The pre-chorus has Derulo talk about always trying to make her stay with him because of the insecurity he feels. He claims to feel this way as a result of the energy she brings into the relationship. In the chorus, Jason tries to find out why she is having such energy towards him. He asks her if somebody broke her heart that she is unleashing the bad energy on him. Probing further, he tells her that she looks like an angel but she is savage love. Which means that she is a love that he does not really understand and relatively toxic.

Jason Derulo Savage Love Review

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