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Kanye West can be regarded as one of the greatest drama King in 21 century hip-hop scene. He has developed himself to be a joke, serious and crazy human at the same time. Talented and hard-working are two of his many attributes but crazy and cocky are also some of his negative habits and one can be lost with his latest album. Jesus is King album is a controversial album not because of just who made it but what who made it called it. Kanye claims its a gospel song which could be true but on the other hand one could wonder if it’s really a christain album or a celebrity stunt.

Listening to most of the tracks on this album had me think alot. Yes one can argue that the song were made to lift a damging soul. But how can this be when it has some of it’s content having swear words. I am not judging him because I have got alot of mess I have been into but for all I feel, this could be Kanye playing a trick on the world.

However, on can not disregard the power of repentence; because even the Great Apostle Paul was once a killer but became the major tool for the growth of christainity. This might be the case of Kanye just like he claimed at the Lakewood Church when he was speaking to pastor Joel Osteen and his congregation. But it will be wise for christains to take this album with a pinch of salt because this album might be a stunt or real deal.

Using some very good sequencing skills especially on the horn instruments, Kanye delivers an album with good Christain imprint and could become the next force of gospel music or another major musical stunt.

Kanye West made this album with the intentions to announce himself as a changed man. He claims to have left his old ways and living his life for Christ. The album has songs which projects Kanye as a repentented man who accepts that Jesus Christ is the King.

In the song titled “Every hour”, working with Sunday service choir, he sings about the power of God. He tells the world to so sing till the power of the Lord comes down.

“Selah” is a song that is more of a motivational and a Gospel song. He admonishes people to leave their evil ways of dealing with the devil (the Joker). He talks about dealing with the devil at a point in his life. He calls on people to let go of their bad life because he changed his life and his slave name “Kanye” to just “Ye”. He admonishes people to follow God and accept him. Kanye went street Christain on the people using the “F” word to preach to the hood.

“Follow God” is song that beams a light on Kanye’s childhood. He talks about how he always argued with his dad when he talks to him about God. Describing his life of disobidence, he claims to have always portayed lifestyles that his father normally tagged “not Christ Like”. He claimed to have shouted at his dad when ever they had heard up arguments about God and his behaviors that never glorifed him.

My personal best of this album is the song titled “On God”. He explains to the world how he was a slave to the devil all because he wanted to be famous and rich. He declares that all he has been through are all on God. Explaining futher, he declares that his blessings, mistakes and redemption is on God. Admonishing people who must have made mistakes in life and found themselves locked up in prison. He declares that they can still be who they dream or dreamed to be.

Working with Ant Clemons and Ty Dollar he sings about being contempt with life. He does this in the song titled “everything we need”. In the second verse of the music he talks about not behaving like what Adam did in the garden of Eden. He tells everybody to always make the right decisions because we have everything we need.

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