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Musician are always making songs that talk about themselves. Music for artist are usually an outlet of emotions. Jarad Anthony Higgins who popularly known as Juice Wrld died on the 8th of December 2019 and this song explains a few of his emotions before his demise. Juice Wrld Righteous is a song which talks about his position when people criticized him about his lifestyle. Although this song was meant to be an educative song for people who think too righteous of themselves, Juice accepts their criticism and uses the lyrics of this song to say why it was hard for him to really change his life style.

The style of music made by Juice Wrld is closely related to the type of music made by 6lack. They know how to fuse RnB vocals to slow Trap beats in sober tunes. Juice uses this type of boring style to voice this song- letting out emotions from the first bar to the last bar. Listening to this song is totally very boring and to digest. There is zero groove or musical life in it. The message of the song is also very hard to separate because he uses disjointed lyrics which may not make sense in the first twenty listen. It may not become a hit song because many persons do not have the time to listen to songs they cannot relate to in sound or lyrics.


The song is an educative song meant for people who judge people for their ways of life. Talking about the people who feel too righteous, he talks about his life and popping five or six pills to reduce his level of anxiety. He talks about refusing the truth constantly claiming it is hard to digest. And the only option which he has always taken from the start was to pop some medicine(pills) to help him relax.

He continues the vocals by stating that he is way too deep into the abuse of substance that he might die even the day he was making the music. He explains that people criticising him cannot swim in the type of life he has been in. Telling them that they should not be decieved by his beautiful eyes and think that they can handle the kind of life he faces. Because the anxiety he has is like a size of a planet. In his words, when his time is up in this life, he would know because he has always had his demons and fear under him.


This is an trap hiphop sound that is influenced by high level of RnB and blues. The standout instrument of this song is the solo electronic guitar and the trap drum line. The guitar which opens up the music allows him creates the musical atmosphere of the song. It has this sober slow sound which is the general feel the song. It is usually heard and felt when the underlaying atmospheric loop sound blends with the vocal which Juice Wrld lays.

Having a slow tempo with lots of interlude makes the instrumental sip into the ear of any person listening to it. Also the pad base line also makes it sound unique as it gives a kind of bump expecially in the transitions. The beat is relatively simple with relatively plain mixing but detailed mastering. The only hard job in the mastering was with the vocals because of the vocal chops and reverbs in it.

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