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Justin Bieber Lonely Review

Justin Bieber broke into the league of A-list international artist as a teenager. It could be argued that he was even still a child. At a young age, he had to grow up and be a man the world was expecting him to be. As a child thrown into the deep at such a young age, he reacted the way a child will when a large amount of wealth and fame are given to him/her. From behaving recklessly to getting to police troubles to getting depressed.

The truth is that no child is supposed to go through what Justin went through. The s of Justin all faced same problem- from Miley Cyrus to Demi Levato, all had the issues this song addresses. In this song which Justin Bieber makes with the help Benny Blanco; he tells the world how lonely he is now. Justin had the fame and fortune he wished for as a child but lost a major part of his childhood. At a young age he had people who were with him just because of his status and not for friendship, love and support.


The song is open up which Justin narrating what it felt and feels as a Child Star. He uses his words to reflect on what he has achieved. According to him: everyone knows his name but claims to still feel strange about himself. He likens the feeling to that of a person who after a while of being wild and uncaged-looking into the mirror and not recognizing what he/she has turned to over time. He declares that at that point of self-apprehension that nothing is the same. Claiming that maybe when he is older, that he will understand why his actions changed a lot of lives.

The second verse has Justin Bieber go after people who became experts in his life case. According to him, everyone knows his past now because his life was always like a house made of glass that everyone sees through. He states that maybe that’s the price one has to pay for becoming a child star. He laments about people seeing him sick physiologically and instead of rendering help referred to him as the stupid kid.

In a pre-chorus he dishes out a word to people who claim to know him. He tells them that the only way they can say they know him is if they experienced what he experience. According to him: If they ever lived a life where they had everything money could buy but have no one listening to their true emotions and sufferings; then they can claim to know him. He claims that he has had all the things that money and life could offer. But at an early age never had someone listen to his emotions and feeling. In a soulful chorus he calls that feeling Lonely.


Benny Blanco: Producer of Lonely

The song is open up by with a soulful and pitiful play of a grand piano by Benny Blanco (real name: Benjamin Joseph Levin). The record producer who teams up with Justin made the song to sound very pure with no element of noise. To add some elements of colour to the sound, Blanco worked with reverberations to the vocals and some pad sounds to the piano. What he did was just follow the lead and emotion of Justin Bieber while picking the keys of the song. It was more of a freestyle performance play than a premeditated record production.  This production and lyrics are spiritual and Blanco did well in the arrangement of the verses and chorus.

Justin Bieber Lonely Review

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