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Was hit up with the music alert by one of my friend Donaldson about a new album by Marshall Mathers and I was like “NO”. Now to every follower of Eminem’s music you should understand that Eminem has been releasing albums every three to four years but this year there was a twist. Eminem is a musician who listens to what people say about his music and loves success so when the “Revival Album” did not get a wild audience like his previous albums were used to; it spurred him to work on KamiKaze Album album quickly. This album is like an Eminem wearing his old dissing cap like Thor’s helmet with a large sledge Hammer going for the critics who went against his work on “Revival”. He replaced dissing his wife and mother with dissing critics and everybody who may have said one negative thing or the other against his work. He also insults mumble rappers who he sees as the people killing hiphop. He starts a clean up by telling them their flaws while insulting the hell out of them. On the issue of cleaning up the rap industry, I am really happy he applauded good rap artist of this age like Logic, Kendrick, J-cole, Big Sean and the others who are sticking to rap purity. If you applauded by one of the greatest rappers alive then you should know that you are in the right path. KamiKaze Album is a work of art that applauds good art and insults bad ones.

I have been watching people react to this album and many of them are of the opinion that Em did a real job on this. But I really don’t see this album as an album bigger then Revival. I feel people like seeing people get burned that they don’t really care what the lyrics of good songs are all about. Eminem made a good album in Revival when you collect lyrics for lyrics and morals and morals when rated with this album. But because he uses a lot of women in that album people think it is bad. I feel this album is not better because it is full of unnecessary hate and jabs on others. I think if you the greatest you don’t go after others; all you do is show class and make better song. Em just called out a demon he has been trying hard to hide since 2010 by making real music and not dis tracks or albums. This album just brought out and Slim shady in his 20s looking for who to murder. Eminem is a musician who does not know how to reply people in press conferences but he answers in damaging ways in dope lyrics that will last for all lifetime because he turns his anger to the mic and buries anybody he is going after. This album is healthy for the rap industry because the purity of rap music which is stories and messages told in poetry is blowing away.


Many a time celebrities like The Game, 50 cents and Chris Rock have always warned made Artist and upcoming artist on getting into Eminem’s dis radar but it seemed that these guys did not seem to get the memo. As stated earlier on this album is majorly a dis album which goes after the virus eating up pure rap music. Rap music like we all know has been bastardized by modern day new school rappers who write two or three words in every line of lyrics and repeat same word for eight bars and call it rap. They make rap sound like singing. This in other words is making a genre of music which was built on ego and street arrogance bend to the feet of RnB and pop music which for real rap lovers is going way below standards. Eminem went after the rappers who are creating this mess in rap music. Also he went after people who never made a real musical hit and yet come out as pundits speaking ill things about people works. Eminem was bullish like he was in the early 2000s. In songs song “fall”, “kamikaze” “lucky you”, “Not alike” “the Ringer” and “Venom” he goes after new school rappers and critics. Eminem took his dis game to a new level on this album; calling rappers by their names and using their rap style to proof his mastery and artistry at a mad mad level.

He used the couture trap music genre, vocal style, drop words rap styles, and normal double or triple words rap styles which is synonymous to new age mumble rappers like Migos, Travis Scott, Young Thug, Drake and many more to make a musical and identity statements. He used the signature “hoooooo” which can be attributed to young MA in the song “the ringer”. He and Joyner Lucas went ballistic on “lucky you” using Migos and Drake Rap styles to burn mumble rappers. They did this by adding some tongue twisting intimidation rap to roast all of them. In the end of the song he steal a rap style from Kendrick Lamar from his DNA song. Drake had fatal punches on this album because he got smashed on the face with all the tactics he uses in making his music stay number one on the billboard. He tells Drake that he does not write his songs because of the ghost writer issues he has had in the past. He tells him that he makes music that are only pleasant to ladies and is making a mess of the rap music industry. He went after couture and mumble rappers in more than four track.  He did not stop there he went for critics and review guys like me who must have written negative stuff about him and his performers in The Revival Album. He went after Joe Budden stating the obvious about him and his family issues. Joe Budden was not the only one he went after; he went after DJ Akedemics telling him he is going to twist him. He went after machine gun Kelly and other rappers like Tyler the Creator. He told all his critics that if they are going to talk about him that they should be on the same level or higher than him in the musical game.

The other songs which were not dis song are three love songs and a song made in memory of the Deformed D12 music group. The song “Normal” discusses his issues with females in relationship. He talks about the too much attention that ladies are always seeking leading to domestic violence. “Nice guy” is a song that talks about a Mr. Perfect who does not get credit for being a nice lover but gets insults and lawsuits from his lovers. He get fed up and tell his lover to suck his d**k. “Good guys” is like a continuation of the story in “Nice guy” but with a tweak in the beat to tell a clearer story in clearer straight forward rap styles. Stepping stone is track that sound and speaks Hard core with real beat and storytelling. It talks about the issues that led to the breakup of the D12 music group. He shares that as they grew they became to become to fall apart because he was the only one making it big and he had to shoulder the carrier of the others. He states that making music with them as his group gave him more popularity. He declares that he made them his stepping stone but recalls that when his best friend Proof died; that the group D12 died with him.

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