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Kate movie Review

Rating: R (Language Throughout | Strong Bloody Violence); Genre: Action, Adventure; Original Language: English; Director: Cedric Nicolas-Troyan; Producer: David Leitch, Kelly McCormick, Patrick Newall, Bryan Unkeless; Writer: Umair Aleem; Release Date (Theaters): Sep 10, 2021 Limited; Release Date (Streaming): Sep 10, 2021; Runtime: 1h 46m; Distributor: Netflix; Sound Mix: Dolby Digital.

If you love action movies, this one is for you. Just get your snacks and whatever you like to drink and enjoy. One of the biggest challenges of any movie critic will be to be able to find one fault in a perfect production such as Kate. Although I was lucky to find a few, Kate is an all-round good modern day action movie.


The story is about an assassin who wants a new life but got poisoned before she could get that life. Kate who is the lead character-played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead is an assassin who is a master mask man. Skilled with sniper guns, she has a record for not missing her target until she misses because she was not ready to kill in front of a child/teenager.  After many years of being a killer, that singular situation of seeing herself trying to kill in front of an innocent child makes her have a rethink about her life and decide to quit the bad life.

Now as the saying goes, once you are in that life, it is hard to call it quit; just before her last mission she gets poisoned with a nuclear substance which will kill her in 24hours. Realizing how long she might live, she seeks and hunts down every single soul that ganged up to take her life leading to lots of dead bodies.


The CGI and the cinematography was great. There was a point that the camera panned a sharp 360 rotation during a fight; that was so cool. However, there is no moview without flops and Kate has a few. When Kate stormed the location of V and Benji towards the end with Kijima and his mercenaries. She removed her fancy sunglass given to her by Ani and one of her eyeballs is red (the pupil, iris and part of the sclera) but when she finally got to V, both eyes were clear. I am of the opinion that they should be consistent, though I don’t know how polonium 204 works. Another thing is for someone who got shot by an assault rifle on her ankle, I didn’t expect her to be able to walk the way she did.


It is 7/10 for me. Only a keen eye and knowledge would discover flops from this movie

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