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Kaye West Donda Album Review: Inspiring people about God while sharing how the lord has helped him be a better person

Kanye West can be said to have over the past three years graduated from being a circular music maker to a religious and inspirational music maker. He is obviously a good music maker and power strategist. His Album roll out was one of the greatest I have seen in recent times. Kanye can be referred to as Modern Day Michael Jackson with his blend of controversies, artistry and business. This new project titled “Donda” is one of the album that he blends all these gift of his to make a wonderful catalogue of music.

Listening to the tracks on this LP, one can hear the creativity from the songs. Although it was reduced because of the fact that the songs are gospel songs and inspirational, I will say that the songs on the album is creatively rich. Especially in the beats he created and the featured guest artist. Getting these Artist who rap and sing more of circular songs to get serious with their lyrical compositions is just dope.


The production of this album is really rich especially when one checks the list of the producers on the album. Topping the list of producers which are a fine blend of Veterans and newbies is Ojivolta, DJ Khalil, Dem Jointz, Digital Nas, Mike Dean, Swizz Beatz and a host of others. Kanye will be applauded in making sure that he influenced them enough to restrict them to making sound that used more of celestial keys and strings coupled with a lot of grand piano keys to make it sound church worthy. What this simply meant is that no producer was allowed to go off script and produce melodies and percussions that are not church worthy. And that is some very strict stance from Kanye West.

The only off thing for me in terms of production is the length of some tracks on the list. The position here is if a song has to be a long track, then let there be more lyrics than keys or drumlines to it. This small flaw is heard in “God Breathed” and ‘Jail’ towards the end of the song. It had more than one minute of just keys or percaussion which could make someone skip the tracks. Although this particular flaw, it makes many of the tracks skippable.


The songs on this album are themed around Jehovah God and the life of a typical hood person in his search of peace in life through God. Using himself and the featured artists’ stories, he detailed out how God helped him become a better person.

My favorite track on the album is “Praise God” and is because of not just the trap beat mixed with choir grand piano but the message and rhyme coordination. Working with Baby Keem and Travis Scot they created a song that can be used to dance in church. The song talks about praising one’s self out from the grave. Many a time people find themselves in grave-like situation where everything seems dying or dead. Kanye with the help of his team tells the world to praise God and walk out of that grave like situation.

“Jail” is two-part song  which he works with Da Baby and long time ally, friend and one time enemy: Jay Z. In this songs he sings from the perspective of a man who have been locked up in prison. Using metaphoric mixture of tales that plays in the mind of a convict; they paint a picture of a man who is locked in the jail of him mind, spirit and soul. But however he tells the world that God is definitely going to post his bail tonight

Working with Lil Baby and The Weekend they created a song titled Hurricane. He talks about how he was successful but also lost what made his life matter. He talks about making money enough to buy a house but hardly lived in it. Talked about his issues with Alchohol and drugs. In the Weekends’ hook he finishes off by stating that he has been born again and begs God not to let him fall.

In summary the songs on this album are mostly gospel songs which he uses to inspire people about God while sharing how the lord has helped him be a better person.

Kaye West Donda Album Review

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