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Nigerian music artists in the years back made songs using Marijuana to qualify a woman. One of such artist that comes to mind is Vector the Viper and his song titled “Mary J”. Mary J is a word coined from Marijuana and has been involved by KCee the five star music star in his new music. In a song that see’s KCee switch from his Afropop comfort zone, he makes a song for the ladies using the much loved herb. This song is going to be loved by individuals who use this popular herb (marijuana).
KCee has not gotten a hit song in a while and this is not going to be one. But we at cillacritic appreciate the switch in sound. The switch is good for Nigerian music and its international representation.


KCee uses the kind of effect Marijuana has on a smokers to qualify the love he has for his lover. He claims that his lover high’s him like weed because of her exceptional qualities. One of such qualities is her lack of materialism. He says that she has told him she does not want his money but only his love. Another added quality he sees in her is the fact that she does not flirt around like many other ladies he has come to know. He talks about not needing any lover or lady apart from her because she is his medicine.

In the chorus he masks the name of his lover by calling her “Mary J” which as stated above is the street name for Marijuana. He calls her sweet Mary J who high’s him more than the Marijuana herb. And declares that she is a kiss from the behind, stating that she sinks into his soul just like weed to the brain. In the second verse he gives his lover assurance. In his words, he claims that if she gives him love, that she will not regret it not for once but for a life time.


Black Jezzy who is one of Nigeria’s break out music producers of 2019 showed his versatility with this song. He creates a Reggae beat that has close relationship with songs made by the late Lucky Dube. He uses the popular Reggae occasional string pull with suiting percussion lines. One element of this beat that shows it clear relationship with to the Lucky Dube sound is the baseline. Without the vocals, this sound can be classified in same category as Dube’s songs such as “Slave” and Prisoner.

One contrasting element of the beat from Dube’s sound is the lack of horn instruments. Horn instruments like trumpets and saxophones are very dominant elements of Dube’s sounds but it was replaced by Black Jezzy. Instead of horn instrument, a slayer guitar was used to provide the solo sound for this song. Also there is the absence of hymn keys which is also a dominant element of Dube’s sound.


With all due respect to KCee and Five Star music, there is no need for a music video for this song. If this will go viral, all it needs is proper promotion on radios. Making a video of few millions will go far promoting the audio on radio outlets within and outside Nigeria. This a song which can go viral if played regularly. But to achieve this, the song has to be censured for radio airplay.

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