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Kene Rapu Foot-wears

Footwear are relatively harder to design and make compared to clothes. This affects the number of practitioners in this field especially in Africa. However in Nigeria, one young entrepreneur who have distinguished herself and her brand is the founder of the Kene Rapu footwear.

Kene Rapu is a Nigerian casual footwear brand that have been taking the fashion game very seriously. Looking through their virtual gallery, one will find that they are a brand that is redefining the shoemaking term in Nigeria. What actually caught the eye of everyone at is their ability to have a defined niche. In Nigeria, because of the varying need of the populace, most fashion designers are lost in the direction they want to go. But designers like Mai Atafo, Ejiro Amos Tafiri, Deola Sagoe and a few others have always been very dedicated to their product. Kene Rapu who is also the owner of Kene Rapu footwear has the same direction as the aforementioned designers and it speaks volume about her brand.


The brand called Kene Rapu is just like every other casual footwear design company but has a uniqueness in colours. The first impression one gets when on see the different variety of footwear, the first thing he or she will notice is the classic touch of colours. Yellow, Black, Green, Purple and every colour in the world are represented in their designs.

The Flip-flops

Although there is no uniqueness in design pattern, what has kept her brand different from others is the extensive use of colours. Even in the design of their flip-flops, there is much attention given to colours. The flip-flops are usually made with a base colour and decorated with motif designs of different colours. Just like a pizza dough and it top-ins, the designers use different top-in designs to make the flip-flops attractive.

Sandals and Slides

The design and production of the slides are not new in terms of structures of design. But also the emphasis on colours makes their design a different kettle of fish. From the Bow slides to weave surface slide, what they do is the same. They used the rich African colours in Akanra materials to give it a unique look.  In summary, although what Kene Rapu does with their footwear is relatively same with many Nigerian designers and Africa as a whole, what they did different was taking advantage of the rich colours associated with Africa.

Kene Rapu Foot-wears

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