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Kida Wonder Issues Review

Nigeria was once referred to as the giant of Africa because of the giant strides they used to make. But in recent times, Nigeria has become a shadow of itself and even the younger generation are seeing and understand the situation. “Issues” which is a song from a sixteen year old Nigerian is a song that highlights the problems of young people growing in the streets of Nigeria. Sang by Ogheneruemu Emmanuel who goes by the stage name Kida Wonda; he cooked up a song that explains what the street is all about for a young Nigerian. The song which made up of two rap verses and two chorus was produced by Flairvyn.

The song which is performed with Nigerian Pigin language brings the sound and message home. He uses street lyrics to speak against the injustice in Nigeria and how it has affected different systems in Nigeria. It also talks about the increase in corruption and how it has affected young persons like himself. Although still an unsigned rapper and teenager, Kida has a clear and firm grip of what the nation is like and he expresses himself in bars.


Kida Wonder uses the song to tell the world about the street. He opens the song by introducing himself as a young rapper trying to get into the music market. Stating that he would have already become a star if all things were equal, he cites bad government and system as his biggest hindrance. He goes after some persons who are supposed to be the leaders in different governmental organization. He asks where the national reverses and allocations have been looted to. And laments that these so called leaders have consistently devoured the treasuries like candy bars.

Kida Wonder Issues Review:

In a switch in topic, he talks about police brutality and harassment from other officials of the government. He claims that both those who are into shady deals and real hustlers are usually harassed and extorted by law enforcement agencies. Furthermore he talks about the problems of young upcoming artist. According to him many people do not support the craft of many young artist but are the first to claim relationship when they are already blown stars.

Finishing off the verse by lamenting what the faith of most young Nigerians will be, he tells a short story of a young Nigerian called Emeka who studied medicine with hope of becoming a medical doctor in one of the oil companies. But as usual the system frustrated him and made him loose his way. He finishes off the story by revealing that the system pushed Emeka into internet fraud which is the direction most young Nigerians are directed to

The second verse has Kida talk more about himself and his craft. In a blend of street poetry and lyrical diversity, he states how lethal he can be with his bars. Kida who grew up in the city of Warri Delta State, uses a blend of x-rated lyrics with in between the line messages to pass his messages across.


The beat is a slow tempo beat which is made with basic snare, kick and hats with a steady playing grand piano. Created in low budget studio, the level of professionalism which is showed by Flairvyn is really applaud-able. The unique element of the beat is the looped humming sound that colours the beat when ever there is a resonance or transition.

Kida Wonder Issues Review:


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