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Kodak Black Bill Israel Review

Many people may be wondering where Bill Kahan Kapri also known as Kodak black have been over the past few years. The simple truth is that he has been in and out of prison. At the age of twenty-three Kodak have made prison his second home. From crimes related to Guns to drugs, Kodak have become one of the faces of thug Rappers. Although he has been giving back to the community he came from through his philanthropy, he has not really found a way to stay away from prison. In this album which he titles Bill Israel, he dishes songs that explains his state of mind.

Unlike Tekashi 6ix9ine and MeekMill who have been in prison recently, Kodak does not really dwell on the issues that took him to prison. That can be attributed to the fact that he is not a first time offender. Bill Israel is an album that has Kodak makes song that explains his state of mind during his time so far in in his 46month jail term.


Kodak Black is a Mumble trap music rapper and in this album he uses this style. The album is generally a slow tempo album dominated by the usual trap hats and Heavy kicks. What he tries to do is to work with an array of music producers and known rappers. Earl on the Beat, Trap Money Benny, C-Clip Beats and Charlie Handsome are the producers who brought life into the album with their slow trap beats.

There are nothing really unique about the production which could make one assume that this album is just another trap rap album that will die out in two to three weeks. However his fan base will help him sell his records.


As stated earlier, Kodak make songs reflecting regret or his past and present. In the opening song of the album, he reflected on how he has been dealing with the negative news that he has been receiving since he got locked up. “Remember the Time” is a song that he uses to talk about the past and how he felt when his friends died on different occasions. He reveals that he did not feel great because he was locked up while he friends died in the streets.

When one is in prison, he or she wishes for a lot of things. In the song titled “I wanna Live”, Kodak sings about wanting and craving to live. He gives a list of what he wants to have a fulfilled life. He also talks about how he intends to deal with people when get out of Prison.  

“Serene” is a song that Kodak uses to explain what he really wants in life. According to him since he got imprisoned, he claims he has been trying to keep his cool and stay more serene. He declares that he does not want to just free but wants to be loved by people and level headed. Lamenting that the police does not want him in the streets because he is a danger to the community, he claims that he will love to change that. Kodak finishes off by claiming that he will like to have a normal life and if possible go back to finish up with school.

In one of the coolest but groovy songs on the album he raps about what his life was on a daily basis. “Eeny Meeny, Miny Moe” is a song that Kodak uses to shed light on how getting overdosed and vomiting because of drugs and alcohol became a norm. He goes on to explain how he always wanted his drugs undiluted especially before having sex with his lady.

Working with Jackboy and Canadian Rapper: Tory Lanez, they made a song titled “Spain”. Kodak raps about making money with his guys in the hood while having an erotic relationship with a Spanish lady. “Feeling Myself Today” is a song that Kodak uses to tell the world that he was feeling himself. This song can easily become a street hit because of the chorus line.

CBE and Atlanta Rapper Gucci Mane teamed up with him to make a song titled “I Knew It”. In this song he tries to explain why he got into the crime that got him locked up. According to him he was trying to make the life of him and his lover better. He acknowledges that he made a mistake and asks his lover to please stick with him.

Kodak Black Bill Israel Review

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