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Kowope: Skales and Akon have a lit chemistry

Skales has in recent years have become a hit maker and Nigerians have to start accepting this fact. Skales is one of Nigerian artist who never got forgiven for switching his sound from Rap music to Afropop. He has been called bad, dry voiced and underperforming. He has been under rated for so many years that even when he works like elephant, he is appreciated like an ant. The inevitable truth about Skales is that he is a hardworking man who is ready to break the borders and his latest song (Kowope) with Akon is relatively off the chain.

There are songs that announces themselves from the intro. This is one of such song. Kowope is song that the intro of the song will make you drag your feet out while nodding your head to the snare rim sound. Akon is a musician who has nothing to prove. But the way he vibes on tunes that he and Skales makes is just magical. They have a musical chemistry that has a different kind of energy.


The song is autobiography lyrical song that talks of Skales’ reaction when it comes to money. Using the pre-chorus to explain his position with money. Talking about his hustle, he states that he works hard for his daily bread while God covers him. Acknowledging that life is a struggle, he claims his hard work will surely pay off. Declaring that he has no patience for long stories, he advices everyone in his line of business to mind their business. He finishes off the pre-chorus by asking: If the money is not mine then what am I working for?

Skales uses his verse to talk about his struggles with money. He claims to have become greedy because he is all about the paper. He alleges that money is the only demon tormenting his life. Talking about his weakness, Skales accepts that he cannot resist the temptation money sends his way. Claiming to have accepted it, he tells the world that he is not poor but like Oliver Twist, he keeps asking for more.

In the Chorus he takes the personality of a Nigerian bus conductor to reflect the urgency at which he needs his money. Painting a picture of man been owed money, he tells the person to pay up meaning Kowope. He alleges that the amount of the money is fifty million naira. And finishes up by telling the debtor that he does not like drama when it comes to his money.

Akon takes the lead and talks about his own flaws when it comes to money. Claiming that he has never been a money men, he says that people regardless often refer to him as the money man. Talking about the person that owes him, he alleges that he heard people say that he (the debtor) has hundred thousand dollars with him. Working with this information, he asks him to pay him the money he owes him. In anger, he claims that he never plays with his money and is totally ready to pull out a 9mm pistol if he does not comply. He acknowledges that he has enemies who are close and how large his net worth is that he cannot carry it around.


Afrobeats Shakers with a noisy sequence and keys provides a suspense filled intro. Switching into a ponpon beat of kick and snare rim sound completes the circle of the beat. With a removal of some patterns in the verses, it creates a perfect base for the chorus to work with intro sound patterns. To make it an Afropop dominated sound, there is also a the use of horn instruments in the transitions.


A gangster video will be nice for this song while acting out the storyline. This song can make a full motion picture with an Hollywood certain.

You can listen to the song below and tell us what you feel about it in the comment section.


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