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I had the privilege of knowing Lauren Daigle’s music in 2016/2017 and I was drawn to her style of music. Being a Christian and a good one at that, she had this way of not letting her religion cloud her judgment of the style of music she makes. Using a fine blend of Rock and RnB genres of music, she has created her sound to suit anybody who gets bored of the conventional Church music. However, she released this album called “Look up child” which for me should has been just a sequel of her previous album: “How can it Be”. The reason for this stand of mine is because of the message and sound of the album. She used same approach in the creations and laying of vocals. The selection of instruments for the songs are pretty same. If you played the “How can it be” album and “Look up child” together at a stretch. You can hardly decipher which album  each songs comes from especially if you are getting to know her from the first time. Look up Child is a good album talking strictly from a musical angle.

That been said, I will say this album is a decent one but  it can give its credit of peaking at the top five of the billboard hot 200 chart as reaping the fruits of the impact of the album “How can it Be” album. When I spoke to some people back in 2017 about her album, many of these individuals were already waiting for her to release a new album. I am personally not surprised of the album strength in the market at the moment. With this type of market movement, I could easily postulate that her next album won’t reach this height if she does not tweak her sound a little bit. The message she is sending is wonderful but people get bored of hearing same sound over and over again, nice work from her though.


This album is all about the efficiency and potency of Jehovah God. She sings of the powers of God in the song “still rolling stones”. She sings about the helpless situations she has been before God stepped into her life and made her life better. She talk of God giving her a revival of some sort. She sings about her loosing what makes her Christian at some certain time. But she declares that at a point she heard God tell her look up child. She explains the love God has for use even when we rebel and turn away from his way. She declares that we are in control when we are with God because God is always in control.


This is the part of the album I have some trouble with. The producers kind of cloned the instruments used in “How can it Be” album to make this album. The similarly in the strings, kicks and baselines are just too similar her previous songs. Lauren is a musician who her brand of music is termed to be a contemporary Christian music and at such I would expect the producers to have some level of vast variety. It agreeable that musicians have a final say on what the sound of their music is but it is the job of a producer to lead their artist in variety of ways.


I have had the privilege of seeing the new visuals of Lauren and I would say toms up to her and her crew for having a change. Her previous videos which had her singing into a mic a room with two guys on the instruments was quite boring. Even though someone is into gospel music, I am of the opinion that variety and creativity is a good tool to use when you do music. Although no video has been premiered yet, the visuals of the song “you say” official video is a nice beacon of hope.

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