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Lax Go Low Review

LAX, the Nigerian music star who got introduced to the world by Wizkid have been making hits for a while now. Although he has not broken into the list of most talked about musician, one must not neglect the fact that he puts in a 100% anytime he makes music. At we thrive to promote artist who diversify their sound and LAX just did that with his new song. “Go Low” is a song that much cannot be said about it message but a lot can be said about the beat.

The song which is a mid tempo Afropop beat is more of an alternate sound. But unlike the regular Nigerian alternate sound which mixes Shekere and ponpon beats together, this a blend of shekere and South African drums. If you are conversant to the South African Musical duo: “Mafikizulu”, then you will really enjoy the song. The beat which is dominated with a lot of snares, Toms and a silent drop of the bass kick drums is a sound that will make anybody dance the South African Gwara Gwara dance.

Furthermore the song is not arranged in the regular Afropop manner of having two verses with chorus and hooks in some occasion. It is rather arranged and composed in the simplest manner by having one verse, a pre-chorus, chorus and a bridge. This made the song to last for two minutes and fifty-five seconds. The attention was given the sing along potential of the song rather than complex lyrics.

This song is definitely not about the lyrics but the energetic sound. What Lax did by reducing the amount of lyrics and focusing on two catch phrases is just what the song needs. This song could become a real street hit if promoted in the right quarters. If this song is introduced to the South African citizens and other countries in that region, there is high possibility that it could become a good hit.


The song is about a Night of partying and making love to one’s lady. LAX uses the song to tell a fictional lady called Angelina to come party and go wild with him. He opens the song by stating the motives of the lady he met at a club or dance floor. He declares that the lady said that she wants to party and loose control on the dance floor. Accepting her lead and challenge, LAX tells her to go low, dance and go freaky with him. He finishes the chorus of the song by telling her metaphorically that she should come have some crazy fun time in bed with him. According to him he loose control because of the hypnotizing nature of her body.

In the bridge he confesses about the feeling he is having on the dance floor with this Angelina girl. According to him, he claims that he is feeling like he is loosing control of himself on the dance floor. He declares to her while dancing that she should ask whatever she wants and he will provide. Stating that her body is the reason he is loosing control, he tells that she is killing him with her body and as a result should dance and retire to his room to make sweet love to him.


The beat is a simple South African Gwara Gwara beat that is dominated with Toms and a snare drum interplay. Although there is a base kick drum in it, the volume is reduced and overshadowed by the sherkere (Shaker). Also there is a uniqueness about the sound of the snare. Unlike the regular snare drums that come with snare wire under, the snare used in playing this tune does not have a wire. This removes the crisp sound of the drum making it more traditional and less pop-like.

The production of the Rhythms of this song could clearly show that that the percussion of the beat is the main flavor of this beat. The keys of this beat is played in just two steps from start to finish. What makes the song sound complete are the audio effects used in the transition and mixing of this song. The only part of the song that may have been given a lot of time is the mixing and mastering because the beat is super simple.

Lax Go Low Review

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