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Read LAX Gobe Remix Review while listening to the song below.

LAX is one of those Nigerian afrobeats stars who is at a level like Skales were he has access to any artist ahead and below him. He has not gotten a nationwide hit in Nigeria apart from when featured in Starboy caro single. But he has remained relevant, making music and making money. That is why he could pull up a collaboration stunt with Simi and Tiwa Savage in LAX Gobe Remix. Sales wise, the stunt of featuring Simi and Tiwa in one song might prove to be effective but sound wise, it might be a miss. Simi is a musician who is highly influenced by Yoruba highlife and balad, fuji music while Tiwa is highly influenced by Afrobeats and RnB. This directly affects the way each of these ladies flow to a beat. Also the vocal cords of these ladies are wired in different ways hence when each of them switches in the song, it kills the vibe.

The best option was to leverage on his gift by featuring this two ladies on two different tracks. One of them would have been just enough for Gobe remix. Then taking a time in the studio to create a good hit with another one of them would have been a good business and creative idea. Another idea that would have been okay was creating a kind of musical series with “Gobe”. What this mean is creating songs just like R.Kelly did with trapped in the closet. This would have allowed him feature Simi, Tiwa and even other female musician like Niniola and Teniola. What Gobe would have turned into, would have been a massive EP. However the song is relatively good and will be enjoyed by fans and non-fans.


“Gobe” is a song about infidelity. Infidelity on the part of a guy who is in a relationship with a lady and also cheats around with other ladies. What LAX does by featuring Simi and Tiwa is to create a lyrical story of a man caught under the web of two ladies. Simi who takes the lead as one of the ladies highlights her trouble with LAX and why she is going to play along with his bad behaviors. She opens the song by stating that her man did her wrong. But backing that up she tells him that she has changed up on him because she will just play along with whatever form of infidelity signals he throws at her. Claiming that two can play the game of the faithful and unfaithful, she recounts how he has played her before with two ladies (Amaka and Amina). According to her she claims that since he want to be a lying cheat, that she will go out and get herself a lover. She lets him know that she was not going to cry even though he must have been misbehaving to make her cry. Declaring that he under estimated her, she tells him that the game of cheating is on (Gobe ti shele).

Tiwa Savage takes the second verse and begins her verse by asking what sought of madness was her lover into. Belittling the mistress he has been cheating on her with, she calls her “Agege Rhianna”.  Lamenting what her lover was throwing away because of Agege Rhianna, she claims the game of cheating and catching the cheat was on. According to her, it’s not because she was naïve of the situation or lacked the knowledge of what to do with him. According to her, she has been playing the fool to lure him into a trouble he cannot run away from. But claims that the love she has for him always presses her bad intentions down even though she is also bad girl. She finishes off by claiming that she was done taking nonsense, declaring that the game was on.

The last verse has LAX portray the man who was cheating. Coming to the reality that he has too many ladies he has been lying to, he list the women he has been playing. The first two on the list are Nneka and Amaka. According to him, he did not know who to choose so he decided to date the two ladies at the same time. Revealing that they were not the only ladies in his life, he also reveals that Anita ones aborted a pregnancy for him while a certain Folake is pregnant with his baby. Lamenting his ordeal, he asks what he will do with these two ladies telling him they are game on.

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