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Lil Kesh Ecstasy EP Review

Lil Kesh, the YAGI record label boss and an Afrorap artiste has enjoyed success in terms of record popularity which directly turns to money. He is talented and obviously has a good work ethic which is the reason he has been able to always pull out projects year in year out. This Ecstasy EP is another testament to his work ethics. In a year that every known music star in Nigeria have been turning out projects, Lil Kesh tries not to be left out. Working with familiar faces in terms of producers, Lil create a small playlist of songs which are groovy.

 With his rap style which is best explained as the Local Nigerian primary school rhyme style, he makes songs that will make the speaker pop. One cannot fault his music because he knows his audience. Lil Kesh sings for the dancehall and streets of Nigerian especially Lagos Nigeria. He does not over do his music hence this EP will be relevant.


Lil Kesh is a Rapper who mixes his rap skills with Afropop beat. He does that by mixing his rap flows to different party jams hence he does not really use the conventional hiphop beats. For example in “Downtown girl” which is one of the standout productions of the album; his team of producers in conjunction with Shaybo made a song that had Jamaican dancehall feel. One stand out element of the beat is the part of the song that was voiced by Shayobo. It has them mix trap, ponpon beats, Reggae strings and some very outstanding solo play of some rock related keys. The way they found a way to balance the hiphop vibe in the track could get any rookie fall in love with the beat. The use of 808 base kicks, Trap hats and beat hooks is applaud-able.


This EP is majorly a Love music playlist. Lil Kesh sings/Raps from different perspective. He sings as a committed lover in some songs and also sings as a man who has failed his lover in another song. Before he gets into the various love songs on the EP he announces himself as a hardworking musician in the first song titled “Yagi level”. He explains that he is on his own level hence the way he keeps his fans buzzing about his sound. He finishes off by telling people not to compare or copy him.

Working with Shaybo, they created a dancehall jam titled “Downtown”. According to him, he found himself being loving an Uptown girl (high class lady). But explains that he prefers to be with a downtown girl (ghetto girl). According to him a downtown girl has street credibility and understands him better. Shaybo who sings from the perspective of a “Downtown girl” gives Lil Kesh her specification for the type of man she will love back. Stating that the man must be rich and has street credibility, she claims that a girl groomed in the ghetto like her cannot live in poverty because she worked so hard to get off the streets. Hence she laughs when broke men tell her that they love her.

In a song which has already been released as a single, Lil Kesh Raps/sings about being loyal to one lady. Titling the song Agbani Darego, he sing about not letting this lover of his out of his sight even though lots of ladies are seeking for his attention. Working with YBNL/Empire music star: FireBoy DML, they made a song titled “Love like this”. The song is a piece of music that he uses to apologies to a lover of his for his shortcomings. According to him, he cannot survive or do without her in his life.

In a song titled “All the Way”, he sings and Rap to a lover of his. Produced by his long standing producer: Young Jonn, he tell his lover about how she makes him feels. Promising her the best life possible, he declares that he will love her all the way. In another song which he works with Young Jonn again, he x-rays his struggles and mental fights as a musician. Claiming that he has had people trying to make him loose his place in the music game, he however thanks God that his light has been shining brighter and brighter.

Lil Kesh Ecstasy EP Review

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