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Lil Kesh Love Story: Improved Lyrical content and Wiser Business move

Lil Kesh has always been releasing songs that makes people dance. He is one of the few Nigerian Rappers who knows how to fuse Rap and Afropop vibes together. Lil Kesh music has always had a good energy to the ear. He used to lack good lyrical depth but there is an obvious improvement with this song titled love story. The way he uses his Nigerian primary school rhyming (NPSR) style to fuse his lyrics make the dance to remain in the legs of listeners. What would have become the problem of this song is the promotion. This song has a potential to really become a global hit but that may not happen because promotion cost money. And for an independent artist like Lil Kesh, that is a long short. But releasing a song like this under his old record label (YBNL) is the best musical promotion chess move he could ever make. YBNL is stronger internationally judging from the new deal signed by Olamide and the kind of international success enjoyed by FireBoy DML. Yagi could just become what Lil Wayne’s Young Money Records was to Cash money but with reduced controversy. A nice piece of music and musical politics no doubt.


The song opens up with a pre-chorus which Lil Kesh uses to ask a few question to his proposed lover. How many times can I tell you that: I love, care and admire the way you flip your head. In the chorus, he gets lost in the music and love, stating that this set lady blows his mind and make him sing.

In his rap verse, Lil Kesh uses his NPSR style to unload who this fictional lady is. He opens the verse by asking this lady called Joy to give him peace and comfort. In his words this lady is naturally beautiful that she does not need any artificial beauty enhancer. Appreciating God’s gift in her, he tells this lady to go down and tweak for him because her waist line can’t break. Finishing the first verse has him list all the nations he has been to. But he alleges that he has not seen a lady like her because she makes him act like a fool. Which declares as the picture of a perfect love story.

In the second verse, he talks to the lady by painting the picture of an active scene where he asks the lady out. Calling the lady, “baby”, he goes on to ask her what she really wants from a guy that he cannot provide. He pleads with her to say yes and watch him spoil her with his money. Sweet talking her to believe, Lil Kesh tells her that other girls are not up to her standard. He claims other girls are fake like plastic surgery. Going on to profess his love for her, he claims if that their combination will be peppery like Ghanaian meal called Shito.  Lil Kesh goes on to tell her to dance with her Coca-Cola shaped body, while praising her for her good character.


The beat is a regular slow ponpon beat that has close relationship with Runtown’s mad over you. However there is an under lying trap elements which becomes very obvious in the last pre-chrous. Also the flow of the 808 base line, Hi-hats and other base line gives it this rap hiphop feel. But the clap ponpon snare makes it have a proper Afropop groove. As for the lead guitar, it was sequenced with same electronic guitar that was used for Phyno’s song that features Wande Coal titled “Zam oh”. What is unique about this song is the easy rap flows that is easy to rap along. Lil Kesh’s NPSR style is just perfect for him.


A club video should be made for this song. It is a dance song, hence there should be good club dance scene if possible good choreography.


Valentine Chiamaka

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