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There is one thing I love about Wayne Johnson Carter and that is the way he flows his rhymes in Harmony with the beat. He also knows how to mask messages in lyrics and he just did that for Cash Money Records in this song titled  Just Chill. Being a producer and having more than 5years to work on the album Carter V. I could say that Lil had some very long time in the studio to mix and master this song. One thing you should know about Lil Wayne’s song it that he always has a story to share in any of his songs. Now unlike Eminem who does tell his stories literarily, Lil Tunechi shares his stories by hiding his stories in love affair lyrics. That is what he did in this song. I believe Eminem and Lil Wayne are on a league of their own and I cannot wait to listen to his album when it drops on the 26th of October. This song stands out because of the mixing and Mastering. The clarity in every piece of instrument sound and vocals that was used to cook this song is so up there when you are talking about great jobs. Another thing that stands out about this sound is the sweet transition. Everything about this song is lit. Like the Quasimodo song released by Lil two months ago that was not really easy to decode, this song has a different twist and sense to it. I am personally happy that he restricted French Montana to a four bar ending hook because when I got the pop up of this song on; I was like what the hell is Montana doing in this song. But I must give it to Lil for not allowing him vibe longer than four bars on this song. I am feeling the energy of Lil Wayne today since I saw his cover photo for billboard magazine. I can tell you that this anticipated album and the Queen album are going to be the launching pad for the new look Young Money Records after the legal issues with Cash Money Records has been resolved. With this song, I could tell everyone reading that the king of Sensible Mumble Rap is back



For a sum up, Lil Wanye discusses his love affair with Cash Money Records in this song. He describes his bitter sweet stories with the record label that made him who he is. He opens the song by letting the listeners know that there are a lot of things on his mind. He acknowledges that there are people who must have pointed fingers at him in disapproval of his stand in his conflicts with Cash Money over the past few years. He declares that those finger pointers are definitely biting their nails right now in awe of how he has come up on top. He declares that all he knows that his day one friends always remained his friends and had his back all the way. He throws shades at new friends who didn’t really support him in the hustle to liberate his records label which is Young Money Records from Cash Money Records. He claims that people who would have come to savage the situation acted like they did not hear the trouble going on between him and his record label. He lends out a word of caution to them that if their own sh*t falls down that they should not be surprised. He said that he was half almost ruined by the Cash Money Records and had to force a leave from the record. He declared this when he said “I am caffeinated, I am half sedated, I had to take a stunt”. He reveals that although it took him to the floor of his carrier; He declares that he made it back to the top. He seconds that he just had to do it and act like he owned what he owned for ones. He says this in respect to Young Money Records which was his record but was owned by Cash Money records which was not cool with him.

The second phase of the story stars in the Rap Bridge when he acknowledges the help he got from Birdman. He declares that he can’t thank Birdman enough for making him who he is today. He goes on to tell us the stories and good things that Birdman who is the CEO of Cash Money Records gave him. He declares that as a young kid in the block, he was treated preferentially. He tells us this when he said “I still can’t thank Birdman enough, I woke up in a new Tyra Banks, I’ve been gettin’ money since Shabba Ranks”.  He goes on paying respect to the guys who held him down while he was at the previous label but are dead now. I love the way he finishes off the rap on the first verse. He explains that Cash Money was a good record label that anybody would want to be in but states that he has to leave her and move on. He explains how good Cash money as a record label was like a good woman who you go into a relationship with, who cooks, wash and clean. However he declares that life happens and you have to leave this beautiful lady called Cash Money. With the chorus he declares that Cash Money Records which is his ex-lover had to chill and swallow the reality because he has moved on and now own his record label which is all he wanted.

The next verse sees him take a dig at his former label. He declares that they could mess with musicians and people around but not those under his care. He declares that could only happen in their wishes and no in reality. He declares that the administration of Cash Money Records got too attached to his business that he had to split from their relationship. He declares this when he states that he had to cut the umbilical cord connecting them just like a baby to the mother. In this verse he explains that his Record company (Young Money Records) had to be detached from the mother which is Cash Money Records.  In the next lines of the song, he explains the frustration that every member of Cash Money Records went through when he brought of the issue of splitting. He declares that the situation had them scratching their heads and he understands and gives them his best wishes but rerates that he had to face the street himself even though there is always going to be whispers of revenge from the enemy (Cash Money Records).

Lil Wayne goes boasting with the lyrics he spits in the following lines. He says that he broke the bank with sledgehammer. By this he meant that when he left he took the money away from Cash Money Records. You should understand that two of the most commercial artist of today belongs to Young Money Records; which is Nicki Minaj and Drake. Now when Lil left the Cash Money records, he took these two very rich investments with him which is like using a sledgehammer to break a bank save. He goes on in the music declaring that he is liberated and is self-owned. He declares that for once in a long time he can breathe, stating that he can breathe like a dragon having money everywhere because of his investments. He declares that as his new talent.

Lil Wayne takes his aggressive personality here by declaring that he is not scared of his former label if they want to go gang star on him. He states that if they have a problem with him and his decision to leave the label that they can come and ask him because he will fix it just like the normal maintenance guy you call into your house to fix things. He brings in the issue of B*tch being just and acquaintance and anxious. He lets us know that at some times back, moles has been placed in his camp to infiltrate his business. He explains that he got hold of the snitch after he investigated on who selling him out. He reveals that this snitch got killed while he was explaining the reasons behind his or her action.

Lil Wayne finally finishes of the rap verse by giving a very serious warning to his rival (Cash Money) to be careful of him. He tells Cash Money to tell his workers and informants (foot soldiers) to walk light. He declares that if anyone from Cash Money camp wants to step to him musically or otherwise; he advices them to take bigger steps. He declares that he has got more debt and balance in his life and fears no one. He does this referring to the snitch they set as a mole in his camp and how he or she died a worthless death.




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