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So one of the greatest rappers living has been having issues releasing his album but with sounds like this coming from him then I will say the album can remain in shelves for one more year. When I got this song, all I could hear is the rhymes, so to help me assimilate quickly, I downloaded the lyrics and played the music and sang along to understand the song. And men, the stress was worth it. Lil’Tunechi set the mic on fire by telling this story in some of the best poetic styles. Many of us might be feeling the songs Drake has been pulling out using this rap style; but please do not forget the originator of this rap style which is Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. Many of us may know or have read the Quasimodo story and how he has a hunch back and hated by the people and later finds love. In this song Lil just uses his hunch back to describe the feeling and thinking the Federal agents hunting a character he was singing about.  He took the character of a drug dealer and fused his lyrics from the first verse to the outro giving a real gangstar lyrically story.


He opens up the song stating his life style and how he got into the notorious life of drug dealing. He portrays the rough life of a cartel lord, stating that those he works with are dumb and do all sorts of rubbish but while he says this, he admits that even with the rough life that they have are as rich as hell. He begins to tell us a story of being born into the system of drug peddling like the movie character Tarzan who was given birth to in the midst of apes and at such behaved like one. He states that living a life of a drug dealer is quite hard because it like trying to passing the bar exams. He claimed so because of the feds. He said the federal drug law enforcement agents are always at their tail. He declares that shaking God’s hand is easier than shaking off the feds from your tail. He goes on with the story that at one time he got arrested and a lady who made him believe that she will commit perjury for him in cult didn’t show up in court. He also claims that, the lawyer who claimed that he will do all he can came back telling him that he should do what he can to help himself get out of the police net. He explains that he had to do something or his bro bros had to do something. What they did was to take care of the major witness who was snitching on him. He explains that on the day of the trial, the set lady who was snitching could not show up. I can’t categorically tell you that she was killed, tortured or scared to death. But he explained that all his hard work of being strong and vibrant made his team answer the call for him when he was almost going to get a life or death sentence. He explain this using the following line of lyrics. I now I heard the bitch snitchin’ Due to reports, thought she was too cute to report Lawd, we outchea, ain’t that the truth Just can’t catch a break, been trapping so hard The labor it come with the fruit; I before I bust a grape”.

He finished off the story by saying that he was allowed to go since there was no witness against him but ever since then he has always did his dealing in a low key because the feds still had leads and hunch that he committed the crime he just got acquitted for. There are obviously some more tales in the song but you will have to read that yourself when you get the song.


The song is a traditional Lil Wayne type of beat which is usually dominated by a rhythmic base and senet snare with a catholic hymn sound. The song has the hard kick working with the baseline. Another element is the auto tuned hit-hats with always comes after the kick and the drums and clap sound. One funny thing in this beat is that the clap and the Hi-hat has almost same sound excluding the sound made by the hi-hat when there is a removal of ones leg from the pedal.  I like this beat because it is cool and allows the story in the song sink in once you understand what he means.


I believe clarity of story in a video will make people appreciate this song me. This song is like a movie. It has all that can make it a movie. I believe bring lil’wayne to the courtroom wearing the popular orange cell wear will give people a clear understanding of this work of art is, which for now is in music.

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