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Lion king is a Disney Animation classic and the world is blessed with companies like Disney group. They understand how to tap into the colour of different culture and make an entertainment tornado and tsunami from it. One other powerful reason why we cannot over emphasis their ingenious status is their productions is their mature collaborations. Going through some of the earliest works of Walt Disney and his group, it is easy for one to draw a pattern on the collaboration with great composers. Lion King-The Gift album which is made as a project backing The Life motion of Lion King remake classic never disappointed.

Beyoncé Knowles championed the production of this album using some crazy collaboration created an epic album. Some years back, had the information from one of Beyonce’s producers that she was working on some Afrobeat/Afropop music and to be honest no one in the group knew about Lion king production. But with The Gift released on all platforms, we now understand what that producer was talking about. The album which is a multi-dynamic album with some element of Ballad, Afropop, Afrobeat, RnB and Hiphop; celebrates African culture and Music. Africans have come a long way in the music production and this is another win. We cannot exhaust everything that makes this album a classic but this article will discuss the Afropop sounds.

  1. Water

“Water” which features Salatiel and Pharrell Williams is just epic. It is a classic which the world needs to celebrate. The attention given to the composition and vocals is just classic. Salatiel brought the African accent to the music bringing the song home. His vocal was just lit. Another element of this song is the selection of genre. There was clear fusion of DR. Congo “Makosa” and Nigerian “Fuji”music. Makosa can be heard in the intro with the Lead electronic guitar. In the whole world, only the Congo people have the skills to make such epic string control. “Fuji” can be found in the percussion line. A love song with Beyoncé on it is just a classic Afropop sound.

  1. Already

“Already” is another Afropop banger. The ponpon sound which is a pure West African Afropop sound was murdered by the Queen and Shatta Wale. The transition using the Bass kick is super dope and definitely the second best song in this album. This song will go very well with Alkaida, Shoki and Zanku dance steps. The song talks about someone always remembering who he or she is. It talks about being your own king because everyone is a king in his own right.

  1. Find Your Way Back

“Find Your Way Back” is a song that uses a diluted form of Fela’s Afrobeat; substituting some of the percussion lines with more European drum sounds. This was obviously done for Beyoncé to flow better with the beat. One notable part of the songs that had Fela written all over it is the “Skibi robo Raba Rebbe” part. The message of the song is a cry for a lost hero to come back home which is African sound.

  1. JA ARA E

JA ARA E is another Afrobeats sound which feature the latest BET best international Artist: Burna Boy. And as always he never disappoints; giving a good Fela flavour to the album. The purity of his sound was not diluted using all the elements of Afrobeat which includes the wood and shakers repercussions blended with horn instrument.

  1. Don

“Don” is another Afropop sound which feature Nigerian pop stars “Tekno”, Yemi Alade and Mr.Eazi. As much as it is African, it has more elements of the Zulu Sounds than, Nigerian “Fuji”. A good song but not a classic like most songs in this album.

  1. My Power

South African Zulu Hiphop sound is a massive force and Tierra Whack did not disappoint. The Zulu Rap Queen brought her vocal and gave a very good animated war sound which can turn up any club house blowing up the roof top.

  1. keys to the Kingdom

“Keys to the Kingdom” is another epic sound coming through from this album. This song has more class when compared to “Don” and anyone who has ears will testify to that. Tiwa Savage and Mr.Eazi chose the best genre of music to make. Using a Yoruba High-life genre; they made a slow tempo sound which has the ability to become an ever green sound. The song which has royalty written all over it is  and is just what any Yoruba groom and bride will dance to anytime any day.

  1. Brown Skin girl

One of the most celebrated songs in this album is “Brown Skin girl”. This is not the best song in this album because of the excessive presence of Caribbean flavour in the sound. Wizkid is maestro in African music and would have certainly made a better song if he did a pure Afropop sound. However the chemistry of Beryonce and Wizkid is super dope. This song is a hit because of the presence of this two global stars.

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