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Majek Fashek the Rainmaker is a legend because of some uniqueness. Read about it below.

Majekodunmi Fasheke who is popularly known as Majek Fashek just left the Earth after a very eventful journey on Earth. Being one of the men who put Nigerian music on the map in the late 1900s, this dead legend of the musical craft, let out classic music all over. Majek who was born by a Southwestern and Southsouthern parents became popular for his raggae music in the 80s, early 90s and ended up cementing his place in the music Hall of Fame. Enjoying fame at both the grassroots and the Apex, Majek was not just a local champion but an international star. In terms of how far his music traveled, one can place him in same category like Fela Kuti. It could even be argued that he did better because unlike Fela Kuti, he did not have any form of international exposure. But was able to cross the borders with his music penetrating the American music sphere. Like many musicians, Majek had what made him different from others and these are analyzed below.

Majek Fashek the Rainmaker performing in his early years.


Doing a recap of most of his records from the classics to the non-classics, it could be deduced that Majek created his own musical niche. People usually associate him with the Jamaican Reggae tune which is true but it not the whole truth. If you have ever listened to the songs made by him, you will find out that his sound was more of pop music with elements of Fuji music. What made most of his songs sound Reggae, was because of the signature reggae string which looped into each sound. For example in his songs titled “So long”, “Jah people”, and “Spirit of love”, one can clearly hear the dominant sound of a talking drum. Also in his mega hit jam “Send Down the Rain”, someone with a keen ears will hear the way the drum kit line is dropped like a pop music beat. If the loop reggae strings was not included, one could call him a direct pop musician. This diversity in sound became his biggest advantage in music. Because people who were not good lovers of Reggae music all fell for Majek’s pop/Fuji influenced Reggae music.

# Majek Fashek the Rainmaker


Music in the mid and late 90s was all about sense and Majek was one of the sense makers. The Rain Maker as he was fondly called made songs against the disunity among Races in the world. In his song: “So Long”, he sang about racism. He used his songs as crusade messages for Africa to unite and free them self from the evil of racism. Majek just like the Legendary Bob Marley was also a promoter of world peace. For example in his song titled the “Spirit of Love”, he talks about the immortality of love. Although he never had a classic song which talked about love, but listening to the “Spirit of love”, one can agree that he had a good depth on that topic. Finally he was a strong enemy of mental slavery. In the song titled “Jah people” and “prisoner of conscience”, he dealt effectively with mental slavery. Also in his song titled “Little Patience”, he was able speak to people to have faith and some patience.


Studying the personal life of Majek Fashek, one could assume that he did well for himself. Once married to a Rita Fashek and had four children, Majek’s marital life can not be regarded a success. But his fails in marriage was not just his only fail. He failed like most musician of before and today. Fame is like a blessing coated with curses and Majek had his own share. Drugs abuse was his biggest enemy because it affected not just his carrier but his finance. Majek was on top of his game, signed and recording for the biggest record groups in Nigeria and in America. But eventually declared bankruptcy in 2015 because with drug life come expensive bills. Although he sort for help, the life of Drugs had already taken it toll with his last years lived in an hospital bed.

Copy Majek Fashek the Rainmaker in only his positive style and stay away from drugs.

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