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Maleek Berry Isolation Room Review

Before the world came to know who Wurld was and his Afro-soul sound, Maleek Berry have been there. The UK based Nigerian music artist, have always fused African percussion to soul and RnB vibes creating a brand of music which Wurld calls Afro-soul. It is quite hard for a critic to negatively criticize this brand of music because of the quality. Berry and Wurld pay close attention to the quality of their lyrics while laying their vocals like Lionel Richie and Khalid on African beats. I believe they are on a class of their own. But in this project, Maleek falls short.

“Isolation Room” is a project which is made up of seven track with just one guest feature. Although the songs on the project is the usual love music compilation with little variation in topics, Maleek created relatively good tunes which can turn up a room depending on the mood of the people in the room. It may not become a hit project because people are used to this Maleek Berry

There is no surprise package in this album. All the songs have the usual Maleek Berry in the album. It is widely stated that “Insanity is doing same thing same way and expecting to have a different result.” That is what Maleek did with this album. If he had added more variety to the lyrics it would have done him good.

The only song that stands out a little is the song titled “Free your mind.” And it is so because he tries to fuse the love lyrics to some other life inspired lyrics. If “Free your Mind” is promoted, there is a possibility for it to become a hit jam. One could easily find his or herself sleeping through the tracks. In summary the project is shallow and does not have any real uniqueness in sound or lyrics. It was like the album was made with Maleek half at sleep.


The songs in this album are all love songs which are written to the thick of the Corona Virus Isolation period. Maleek tried to create Afropop sounds with different love stories. The first song which catches my attention is “Free your Mind”. It is a song that talks about relaxing and trying to forget one’s predicament. Maleek who takes the role of a guy trying to ask a girl called Ifeoma out-Tells her to look beyond her family problem of poverty and chill with him. Trying to boost her moral up, he claims that they a warriors and can never be defeated by circumstances.

Maleek Berry Isolation Room Review

In another song titled One Night-which he sings again for this set lady called “Ifeoma”, he tells her to just be with him for one night. He claims that they have been friends for a while and he believes it was time to take it a step further by spending the night together. In yet another love song titled “Don’t wonna”, Maleek sings about not wanting to play any games with his lady. According to him he wants to make her smile and give her his name because he has waited too long for her to be with him.

“Far Away” is a song which sings for his lady highlight the long distance between him and his lover. The mid tempo dancehall beat has Maleek pray to and hope that the love between him and his lover will last the test of time. He finishes of the song by stating that he is ready to come see her anywhere she is the world. But he however hopes that she is not too far away from him.

Teaming up Nigerian Tiwa Savage on a song titled “Balance”.  Maleek sings about feeling like a rich man because he just got paid his wage. According to him, he does not have to do any check and balance to be able to spend his money his lady. Tiwa Savage who sings the part of the lady he talking to-tells him that she is ready to help him spend his money. She underlines the fact that she is beautiful and does not want to suffer hence she will help him spend the money.

Maleek Berry Isolation Room Review

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