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Duncan Mighty whose real name is Duncan Wene Mighty Okechukwu is one of the best lyricist in Nigerian Music who has been releasing songs that elevate the soul in the darkest of hours. He came back into the Nigerian music scene with his 2018 “project Gidi” which is a marathon music move which involves him featuring for a trailer load of Lagos based artist in Nigerian. This guy is a man who understands that music is not all about making money but touching lives with sound lyrics which can melt situation and raise the spirit of broken. The song “mama born am” is one of such soul lifting songs which he tells everyone going through though time that those who made it are born by women. He does the vocals of this song in pidgeon, Jamaican English and Ikwerre languages making some very fine Afro-Caribbean sound. As not just a writer or a friend to you guys, I will prescribe that if you’re having a hard time dealing with a temporary failure like Napoleon Hill will call it, then you need this music. Download now and listen.


Wene Mighty opens the song telling us by calling some great people in the world like Lionel Messi, Barack Obama, Benedit Peters, Aliko Dangote and some other men. He ends every call stating that “na mama born am” meaning they were given birth to by a woman/mother. After calling the names he puts out a question to us “that why won’t he blow, make it or become famous”. He asks why he won’t remain in Port-Harcourt Nigeria while his music goes round the world. He admonishes the listeners that whatever you want to pursue in life, that you should put it in the hands of God because God can’t fail and that is the God he serves. He gives a testimony letting us know that God came to his rescue in life at dying minutes when things were not working. He continues by saying that thing are better since then even with hatred and jealousy sin his niche. He declares that just as his music is making waves and his hustle is paying off that it will pay off for others that are hustling.

He picks the second verse of the song, using some Jamaican reggae vocal style to draw his message home. He tell the hustling to keep working hard and never allow the haters bring them down. He warns that the hustling should be careful of the back stabbers and fake friends. He declares that they will try some pranks but will never succeed. He tells the hustling to never take to heart what they are doing because it will all come to nut. He declares that you should dance to the melody he is making (wene kwasi meloji).

He goes all spiritual and religious being a Christian; stating that when Jesus enters the situations and problem anyone is facing that they all become solved. He makes a prayer that any unfriendly friend who is acting as an architect of evil in our lives should be dealt with by God and die. He goes on to name the two more persons who made it in Nigerian football who are Jay Jay Okocha and Mikel Obi as person who God helped in their endeavors. This guys were not brought down even with the huge criticism targeted at them. He uses this song as a motivation message to the problems of the people in life. To people who about to throw in the towel. He lets us know that problems happen but should not slow down on our hustle and if the issues persist that we should bend a knee and make a prayer to God.


Now this is a mixture of AfroBeat and Reggae music. If you listen to the intro beat of the song, you will hear a pop pon pon, pon pon sound of the rim of a snare drum and a dance Hall kick. After that you will have the tweaked reggae Guitar which is a slight change in the sound of a pure reggae lead guitar. Duncan Mighty who is a music producer does the above adding some hats and drum sounds to it. One very evident of aspect of the percussion of this song is the way he flows the drum roll in the transition parts of this song. Duncan is Digital music producer but those drum lines he released in this song, sound so analog. Another element of this beat that are quiet very important are a metal gung instrument and the quiet supporting lead keys that follows the beat from start to finish in same pattern. I believe that particular key pattern must be in the first seven sound pattern and the most important of this song. Sweet rhythm and recording.  Good songs always have good beats.


The song is a personal song so I support the video being a solo video staring only Duncan Mighty. Duncan’s wardrobe managers should do more work in branding him. His videos those not usually have a particular dress or costume theme which is very important in the styling of a musician. I have learnt a lot form watching the production big musicians and one thing that is synonymous is the styling sense of every music video. Every music video is different hence the image of the people in the video should be planned very well.  Another spice that could have made this video rich adding a choir of male singers who will be responding to his vocals; Good video but not dope like the song, I must say.


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