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I believe every bold rapper who has been dissed by Eminem should follow the footstep of Richard Colson Baker aka Machine Gun Kelly and get themselves more popular. It is no news that Eminem dissed MGK for what he said about his daughter in 2012. When I was watching the reactions from people who were dissed; what I saw MGK do was popping a bottle in a happy mood because he knew from there it was an opportunity to get more fans. I would not listen to MGK but because of this reply, I had to listen to this guy over and over again. He made a whole song talking to Eminem and vetting his anger on Em for what he did to him in a portion of his verse in his song “Not alike” which is one of the dis songs in his new album “KamiKaze”. Rap Devil is a song which may have brought back the glorious day of hiphop rap music when feuds were settled with bars.

This guy stated the obvious with his rap responding in perfect block and right hand hooks to Eminem. Like I said in my review on this album; Em should not make a music like this but I feel he just brought himself to the level of the Children he mentored and thought. Using 50cents’ word; he should get Strapped and wait because all the rappers he dissed will be coming like Zombies to draw blood. I am one of the few people who are patiently waiting for Eminem to reply because MGK just got himself in a boxing ring with the Rap god. I really hope the Rap devil he claims to be can break the heavens of this musical self-acclaimed god.


He opens the song with a dis of the look of Eminem by declaring that someone should get Eminem a clapper because his beard is weird. He disses Eminem’s dress sense and accent. He tell Em’s Daughter that she has got a father who is sober and lonely who goes into the vocal boot screaming at the microphone. He declares that Em should watch his age and respect himself. He tell Eminem that he acknowledges that he is the greatest Rapper Alive and respects the accolades that he has in his cabinet. He tells him to stop being a bully on him and his music by being a hindrance to his success.

Obviously MGK was banned in way from appearing on shade 45 for some reasons he did not disclose but made it clear that Eminem was the architect of that ban. He talks of Eminem teaming up with some guy trying to shelve his song and never let them get released or played. He declares that all he did was make a joke about his daughter but feel disappointed that Eminem who is used to bullying people could not even swallow a simple joke. He goes emotional when he cries out that look what Eminem did to him, releasing a full album because of him. He tells Eminem that he is richer than him and wonders why he will come after a guy like him who is trying to earn a living. He tells Eminem that he is trying to provide for his daughter and Em is trying to remove the food from his table.

He tells Eminem that he respects and acknowledges people who have helped him in his carrier. He say he respects people who look up to him too because he will never do what Eminem did to him to them. He calls Eminem Rabbit talking about his early life issues with mum. He goes on talking and vetting his anger in bars. What I don’t understand is why he goes after Drake in this song because Drake sure got a misplaced punch aimed at Eminem on himself.


The production of this song had had MGK using Eminem’s rap style in making his song. The beat has it been cloned to look like what Eminem’s kamikaze beats sounded like. In my opinion, MGK took Eminem’s sound and game to him. The strict use of crude 808 drum machine percussion and loop sound keyboard is some real healing to rap music. I really don’t know what to write about these songs coming out now because they have all the elements of pure Rap music. Although these songs are dis songs; I really enjoy every snare, hat and hard kick because of the purity and lack of any electronic auto tuning.


A song which is this album does not need any real video and judging from the fact that MGK had to pull this up after three days of the release of Eminem’s album. This is good market strategies but I hope he did not nail his own coffin by going into the rap boxing ring with Marshall.

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