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Miley Cyrus Midnight Sky Review

Miley, Miley, Miley, the teenage star who was the sweetheart of every teenager some years back. She is a grown woman now and she has gone on to be a wonderful and worrying piece of art. Miley Cyrus who was married to Laim Hemsworth was recently divorced this year and this song is a reflection of how she feels. Don’t mean to dive into the life of Miley and her Ex-husband but the lyrics of this song is hard to not connect the dots together. In a three minutes and fourth-two seconds song, Miley sings of not needing to be loved by someone.

Miley is a free bird and this song she made speaks the mind of many ladies who broke up with their lovers because of excessive protection. Around the world today, there are many women who are in romantic and marriage relationships where they feel caged. There are ladies who feel like they are not achieving their potentials because of their relationships. Miley and her producers have just released a record for people in those relationships or are already out of those unhealthy relationships. The song is a pop song with a lot of groove in it and can easily become anybody’s new best song. A really good pop jam from her this time.


Miley Cyrus uses the song to tell a lover of hers who who she just broke up with that she is a free woman. She opens up the song by telling a short story of how their break up started. She claimed that she and her lover where out partying and it was getting late into midnight. According to her, her lover told her to be going home not noticing that she was really having a good time. Detailing how long she has been without catching such fun in a long time, she claimed that he has always stopped her indirectly from catching fun because they are always together. She finishes up by claiming that it was under that midnight sky that she took her freedom.

In the chorus, she declares that she was born to run and be free. She adds that she does not belong to any one including her lover. She claims that she could fight the devil with the fire (motivation) in her lungs. She declares that she does not need to be loved by her lover. In other words she is not at the mercy of her lover’s love and care. She finishes off the chorus by claiming that she only lives for the moment with zero care about the future. Hence she does not need to be loved by him.

Miley Cyrus Midnight Sky Review

The second verse has Miley talk about her behavior the night the breakup happened. According to her she flipped her hair backwards and was ready for the consequences of any mistake she was about to make. She tells her lover that he should have known by now that she is not a lady built stay in one place. She finishes off by claiming that it was in that midnight sky that she let loose and was free because she was made to run. She claims that anyone in her life is replaceable; and that includes him.


The pop beat which is mixed with a bit of funk is a groovy beat. Characterized by some detuned strings and slayer strings, the song has varying elements of rock music. The song has different layers of string instrument and can be said to be a sound made to fall into a pop, rock and funk music genre.

For the arrangement of the song, the bridge and hook of the song where the percussion line is silenced is rally catchy. And the way the song transitions into the chorus can turn up any person. If WAP could make it to the top billboard 100 chart, then Midnight sky should have no problem getting there. Miley made a really dope song. Although it may have been inspired by a not too good situation- the song is a hit song.

Miley Cyrus Midnight Sky Review

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