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Mohbad Light EP Review

When music in Nigeria is talked about, the word Marlians have become synonymous for x-rated lyrics. The Marlian record label owned by Naira Marley is a music organization that makes music for the street. They make songs without thinking of lyrical filters. That is why many radio and TV stations do not air their music but if one listens deep to the songs, a few of them have lots of meaning. One of the signed artist to this record label that goes by the name Mohbad recently released an EP and the songs on the album are relatively naughty but have some relatable lyrics.


The songs on this album are created with two major brand of Afropop sounds. The first is the usual Zanku dance beat. The Zanku dance beat is a sub-genre of Makosa beat but with a slight variation. A  Zanku beat has the regular pattern of the snare used in a makosa beat substituted with wood instrument. This gives a groovy dance beat without sounding like the usual central African Makosa beat.

Another Afropop sound that is used is the Fuji music influenced sound. “Sorry” and “Marlians Anthem” are song that was made with this fuji influenced beat. This sound which is characterized by traditional Yoruba vibes creates either a slow or mid-tempo beat that allows people dance.


The songs on the EP are based on different topics. The first topic of discussion is about his gradual move from the life of poverty, crime to music. He sings about how he made it out of crime through music. According to him he grew up in his father’s house who divorced from his mother. Explaining the hard times he faced with his step mother, he claimed that he stayed many days hungry because there was never enough money. He reveals that his father ended up sending him to a Polytechnic for a diploma. But because of the hard times in school, he became an internet fraudster which he later dropped to pursue a carrier in music. He finishes off by telling sorry to anybody he has wronged all through his journey in life so far.

 The second topic of discussion in the album is the recent problem of voodoo enhanced sex in Nigeria. In the song titled “Ponmo”, he raps about the new trend among desperate ladies who want to hook on to rich men. There is a popular Voodoo that has been commercialized called “Yakamata”. This particular Voodoo comes in different variety. It includes a voodoo that allows a man enjoy sex in a special way with a lady that has made use of this voodoo. In this song, Mohbad raps about ladies using this voodoo to hook up with well to do men. Once a man sleeps with them, they become a slave to the lady-providing all she needs irrespective of whether it affects their bank account negatively or not.

“Father Abraham” is a song which he uses to lament and beg for God’s intervention on the situation of things in Nigeria. Listing the ill issues and different issues that are affecting the citizen. Working Davido he makes a love song titled “Once Debe”. They sing about always remaining street hustlers and also men in love. In a celebration of beautiful ladies, he creates a song titled “omokomo”. In this song he lists different ladies while calling them flattery names.

In summary, the songs in the album are relatively okay. As usual, most people will be turned off because of the x-rated lyrics. But when one looks beyond the lyrics of the songs then one can read between the lines and catch the message.

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