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Mr P’s Follow my Lead Review

Afropop, a genre of music created by fusing African percussion play with digitally enhanced instrument and production-is the most popular sound in Africa and is gradually becoming the world’ popular sound. Producers and musicians have always found a way to create different beats with this genre of music; and Mr P’s new single with Wande Coal has a rare uniqueness to it.

There is brand of music that is usually enjoyed by American high school and college football teams. It is called the matching band. For anyone conversant with these matching bands like the University of Texas Longhorn Band, you will understand that they are mainly made of percussion and air instruments. In some occasions there are a few string instruments like violins and viola to add colour. When listening to this song titled “follow my Lead”, all one can notice is the out play of the different matching band instruments with the Afropop ponpon beat.


This song was made strictly with air instruments. The baseline for example was played with Tuba. While the tenor with different horn instruments like French horn, trombones and trumpets. Normally Afropop songs are characterized by lead electronic guitars that gives it that unique African rhythm. What Mr P did with his production team was to use woodwind instruments like Clarinets and Oboe to provide that sound. Furthermore to give it this unique classical sound feel, they used the violins to create a unique transitions instead of using only digital risers.

Although the percussion line is the usual ponpon wood instrument with an inter play of congas, tumba and bongos, the sound could easily be produced using the six piece marching band drum. For the transitions, they made use of the usual snares and cymbals which gave the beat a total matching band feel; but with an African flair.


 This song is about a guy who meets a girl at a party and was shooting his romantic shots on her. But fails to win her heart because his thought of being the biggest party animal was not what the girl needed.

The song opens up with Mr P telling this lady he just go to meet to follow his lead. Apparently Mr.P is a party freak and wanted to show his skills to this lady. Bragging to her about his exploits, he claims that if anybody tries to test his skill in turning up- that they will bleed. He finishes of the chorus by stating that he may not have more than enough to take care of her. But claims that they would not go hungry if she agrees to date him. The post chorus has Wande Coal sing in more emotional tone. He begs the lady to allow him be her man for the night. Stating that he was on his knee, he declares that she is all that he needs.  

The first verse has Mr.P complaining to his friend who invited this him and this lady to the party. From the story line, it seems the girl was a lady who likes keeping to herself. And was not ready to party, date or love Mr.P. Rattled by the poor energy of the lady, Mr.P asks his friend why the lady have refused to catch fun and party with him. He however understands that the way he has been trying to go about asking her out was wrong. Hence he exclaims that he has messed up the whole act of winning her heart.

The second verse which is taken by Wande Coal, he reacts to the lack of reaction from the lady. And also the stupidity and shame his friend was bring to him. He tells Mr.P to forget about the lady who was too proud to feel his vibe. According to him he does not like too many mess up from people because he knows that he and his crew are big like winners of a world cup title. A twist in the story has Wande sing about making eye contact with this lady that was playing hard to get and eventually having a nice time with her. Hence his friend lost the lady he was after because he totally messed up the approach.

Mr P’s Follow my Lead Review

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