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Music to be Murdered by Album Review

Mashal Mathers has made it his job to release albums without ever making any form of promotions. Having been blamed by most music critics on 2017 for his excessive promotion for a bad album in Revival; Eminem decided to release Kamikaze without any form of promotion and now it has become a tradition. When I woke up the release of this album today, I was like wow. Reading the first reviews of this album, all I saw was the reaction of people to the songs about Gun crimes. But “Music to be murdered by” is an album which has a blend of many things that Eminem mixed very well together like a great Chemist. Eminem is a bold musician who is not black and hence he can do a lot of stuff in his music that won’t get him behind bars. He is sure aware of his rights and privileges and leverage on his God given gifts.

Working with his day one supporter, financer and producer: Doctor Dre; has in a way made him recover his toxic vocals and even at forty-seven, Eminem is not showing any for of breakdown. Also having other MCs and singers like Young MA, Royce Da 59, Skyler Grey and many more, Eminem made another album that will appear in bill board hot 200 soon.


Eminem has always been a guy with an alter-ego whom he calls Slim Shady. Slim Shady is a character which Eminem created in his mind and has made become one of the most popular fictional figures with his dope lyrics. One will want to ask who Slim Shady is: “Music to be Murdered by” is an album which explains Slim to a large extent. The only reason its not a complete Slim Shady definition is the absence of songs that goes against his mother and his ex-wife. Slim Shady in this album goes against Terrorism, Gun Violence, Female harassment, Messed up relationships etc.

Working with Young M.A on the song titled “Unaccommodating”, they talk about their creativity in music like a wild and crazy person who is ready to kill. Using his dynamic rap style, he talks about being so motivated and active like a terrorist who is ready to kill a whole rap community. I have been reading alot of articles by persons and groups condemning this song because of Eminem’s use of tragic events to qualify his rap impact. Although I feel their pain and perspective, I feel it was genious for somebody to use his lyrics to talk about what other person have not really talked about.

Royce Da 59 and White Gold working with Eminem on the song titled “Gon’ learn” created my personal best song of this album. Produced with some of the best mixing of this album, Royce talks about the problems men who are not Caucasian go through. He talks about segregation, trying to deal with poverty and meditating suicide. Talking about the effect of these societal problems when mixed with alcohol, drugs and bad gun control; Eminem and Royce talks about it leading to shootings, domestic violence and many other vices.

“That kinda Nights” features Ed Sheeran and they talks about the type of harassment that ladies who work in clubs suffer from. He talks about how ladies are approached by drunks, drug addicts and are abused in the process. The song titled “In too deep” talks about cheating on one’s spouse by sneaking around with another lady. He claims about being too deep with this set mistress that he can not leave.


Eminem is good artist and any body of work of his is good. Although this album is not spectacular like what I have always listened to before; I will say it was okay. It could make it to the top of the charts but I will take Revival album over this one any day anytime. It can’t be compared to Kamikaze or any Pre 2012 albums. Songs like “Step Dad”, “Gon’ learn”, “No Regrets” and many more could become hit songs. But you can agree with me that there are always greater hit songs.

Music to be Murdered by Album Review

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