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Music to be murdered by- Side B Review

Eminem, the trans-generational Rap Artiste who have broken all records. Someone who if he dies today will go down in memory lane as the greatest. Over the past 10years, Eminem have been creating albums that shakes the billboard charts, but with all his record sales on all platform he has always been pecked back. He has been disrespected by people who don’t really understand his craft and how it has evolved. That lack of respect and acknowledgement gradually became his nemesis and pain.

Music to be murdered by- Side A is an album that he used to speak against gun crimes and the poor gun control laws in America. While the Side B album talk’s majorly about three different topics. He tries to use his songs to express his opinion on corona virus, the discrimination he has endured in Rap and love songs.


Slim Shady was once again conjured in the songs on this album. Just like the Side A, he makes songs with the aggressive and cocky personality of Slim Shady. One can attribute this concept to the fact that he and Doctor Dre worked on it. Because anyone who have been a follower of Em and Dre, he or she will know that Slim Shady is always conjured in their records.

The only flip side on the album is the evolution of the beats they used. They used a blend of boom box and trap beats. Songs like “Gnat”, “Book of Rhymes” and “Zeus” are all trap beats and they are lit. This cements the place of Eminem as an Artiste who could switch sound but not the quality of the music.


As stated above, Eminem sings about three major topics. In the first topic of discussion he sings about discrimination he and others have endured. In the song titled “Zeus” he sing about the racial inequality that blacks have been suffering. Paying tribute to a persons that have been killed by White cops, he laments on the thought that the police men will end up being freed. In another topic of emphasis on the same track, he talks about how he has been racially abused in the Rap community.

He claims that he has been disrespected many times because he was a white man in the rap game. According to him, he has always tried to be diplomatic with the way he handles things because he would never forget what African American did for him. But reacting to their disrespect in the hook of the song, he claims that he will always oversea the rap game like Zeus (the Greek god) from the skys. Two musician made it into his rhyme book and were Rhianna and Snoop Dog. For one it was an apology for his mistake and to the other a clap back on something he did.

Tackling the issue of Corona Virus in “Gnat”, he compares his raps to Corona Virus and uses it rap about it symptoms, modes of transition and cure. He talks about his raps attacking people who do not like him like Corona Virus. He also goes after the federal Government of the United States of America. Calling Trump and his vice president, he indirectly criticize them for the bad way they have been dealing with the outbreak.  In the song titled “Book of Rhymes” he raps against people who have no job but to negatively critic people who are creative. He yells at them to go get a life and stop commenting on things they do not like. According to him it is better to never to comment on what you do not like rather than insulting the creative person. He finishes off by claiming that every positive or negative opinion of people are always going to end up in his book of Rhymes.

In the love songs on the album, he raps about two different situations. In the song which he features Sly Pyper and Dr. Dre they rap about their respective ex-partners bringing out the demons in them. According to Dre he laments that he regrets that he spent most of his life sleeping with his enemy. He tells his ex not to forget the person she was dealing with. In Eminem’s verse he raps about being hurt by what his ex-wife did to him. According to him, she was lucky it only ended in him using her name to make many songs. They finish of the song by claiming that their partners were responsible for the demons they are exhibiting.

Music to be murdered by- Side B Review

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