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Naija Fashion Week Exclusive: Showcasing Ankara Contemporary Designs

Ankara is popular fabric in West Africa and is very popular in Nigeria. It was originally used in the design of Native Nigerian Designs; ranging from normal shirts and different comfortable wears for women. But with the increased interaction of Nigeria and other parts of the world, Nigerian Designers have taken the design of Ankara fabric to the next level. There is a gradual transition of Ankara Designs from native Nigerian Styles to more globally acceptable design styles ranging from suits, gowns, shorts, jumpers etc. Nigerian Fashion Designers will showcase these different ways to use the Ankara material in designs in the forthcoming Naija Fashion week to be hosted in Enugu, the coal city of the south Eastern State of Nigeria.

Contemporary designs such a suits have been well tailored with Ankara materials in recent years which has been rocked by some notable figure in the world of Entertainment. Nigerian-American Pop Star Jidenna is one of such stars who has benefited from the new Ankara revolution. His branding and classic man style can be said to be inspired by the new string designs in Nigeria. These new suit brands have well finished knitting giving a suit a colorful tweak unlike the usual plain suit that was introduced by the English men.

The gown is another notable contemporary design that is worthy of talking about. A wide array of Nigerian Designers have over the past decade made designs of gowns that looks more and more like the ones made in England. The difference in this design is the magic of Ankara material which will be exhibited in the forthcoming Naija Fashion week. These gowns have well-tailored breast tubes and body fittings that sells out the wonderful shape of any woman that puts it on. This gown are usually appreciated when seen on models who take up the runways which will also be one of the main attractions of the Naija Fashion Week.

Hanging out with friends and being as free as possible in what one wears is one major advantage of African Designs and that can be found in the casual wears made by contemporary Nigerian fashion Designers. Fusing the culture of the western world to Nigerian fabric; they have been able to come up with Designs of eye catchy leisure wears like shorts, joggers, round neck t-shirts and short skirts that are globally accepted. The designs of these casual wear will be adequately showcased to the world the fashion week which the coal city of Nigeria will be hosting from 2nd to 7th December 2018.

Ankara as a fabric have not only been limited to the design of cloths only but also in the design of foot wears. Shoes and slippers foot wears have also been designed by Nigerian Fashion Designer to carry the Ankara Identity. This means that a person could rock an all Ankara look from head to toe, without a change in style. Also other fashion accessories like bangles, rings, ear rings are all elements of fashion which Nigerian Designers have injected the Ankara energy into creating a global brand.

In conclusion, Ankara fabric is a fabric that the world is still getting to recognize and accept and Naija Fashion week creates a platform for the world to appreciate the Designs. Showcasing some of Nigerian’s best Designers; the event will be a complete package missing fashion business and entertainment together in the South Eastern part of Nigeria.



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