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Nasty C Palm trees Review

African Rap is a niche that is not really explored by many people because of the ever popular Afropop sound. That is why when a Rapper like Nasty C get recognition by the rap community in America, it is seen as a win for the Africa. Nasty C unlike other African MCs like Sarkodie, MI, Ice Prince and a host of others tapped into his hit season to build a very strong international base.

It is true that he was favored by the musical landscape in recent times because of the ease in social networking and sales of music. But the work done underground by Nasty and his advisers cannot be over emphasized. They kept his sound pure and built bridges between Africa and America. Nasty C is relatively known in Atlanta Georgia. And when it comes to Hiphop music, Atlanta is like the hub of Rap music.

In this song titled “Palm trees”, Nasty C does not rap about something special. His message is the same like what other rappers in the world do. Normally songs like these are not supposed to become international hits but because it is Nasty C, it has to become a hit.  This song will have a very limited play in Africa because of the sound and the lack of original message. The song is not bad for hiphop but lacks that street credibility to become a classic.


The song is a basic rap of making it out of the hood. Nasty C uses the song to clap back at people who never believed in him and his craft. He celebrates his wealth, social status and fame using bars and heavy 808 influenced instrumentals. He opens the song with a hook by stating how good his life has turned. He talks about the expensive designers outfits on him. He talks about his shoes and jewelries on his body.

Nasty C Palm trees Review

He talks about living large in Los angles in California-enjoying life in the palm trees and breathing in the air of the cool city. In second verse he tells a hater to shot the up when he speaks. Claiming that he has been a hustler all his life, he declares that people should not raise an eyebrow when he spends. He claims about visiting the strip clubs because he loves women and good life.

Furthermore Nasty C reiterates that he is a true ghetto kid.  He threatens anyone who crosses his path that he could switch back to his old ways. Calling himself a pure Zulu man, he claims that many people he grew up with lost their ways and life in the hood but he made it out. So he tells haters to shot up because he has paid his dues to the hood and the rap game.


 The song is made with heavy instrumental dominated with sequence loops and 808 bass kicks. The 808s where drop after he rapped his verses because the bumps where created to give the rap lyrics harmony.

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