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Nasty C Zulu Man with some Power Album Review: Noiseless and Classy

The south African MC have in the past three years been the beckon of hope for African Rap music internationally. His connection with Atlanta and the rap community in the United States have been growing every day. He has gradually become the major authority in the Rap music in Africa and that is an undisputed fact. This album is another testament to the fact that he is a true African revelation.

This album is an album that anybody who does not like loud and scream rap will love. The songs which are rapped with a steady mid-pitched vocals are songs that anybody can rap to without exacting a high amount of energy. They are like songs which are born off a regular conversation and meditation of Nasty C. There was no sound dramatics and effects. Nasty C just bore out his heart on different topics in his normal pitch level.

The message of the album ranges from his life of luxury to tribute to his dad, racism and affirmation of his street credibility. The uniqueness of these songs are the ways he keeps the sound western but was also able to add flavors from his Zulu origin to the music. His use of the click sound they make when talking in “Ababulali” and “Zulu man” is really a different way to go about his production. He stayed away from Afropop sound and for that he will earn a lot of respects from the American Rap community. He showed that he can be a local rapper when he rapped with his zulu language in “Zulu man” and that is classy.

In terms of beats and production, Nasty kept the sound clean. There was no excess use of 808 base kick like his songs are used to having. Normally the sound of those base kicks was his major identity. But the engineering of this album was directed at sending his message- rather than celebrating crazy beat. The only songs with very heavy 808 are “Palm trees” and “La vida loca”.

The quality of the album is top notch because a lot was put into it. The twenty track album has guest feature of American ace rappers: T.I and DJ Whoo Kid on two tracks respectively. While he has some power features in Tellaman, Lil Gorit, Lil Keed, Rowlene and Ari Lennox. The album is a good body of work. Songs like “Zone”, “All in”, “Eazy”, “La vida loca” are all songs that people can vibe to any day any time.


The songs discusses different topics but are all centered on the life hustle of Nasty C. He sings about his new found rich life as a product of his works yesterday. In the song titled “La vida loca”, he sings about telling his people in his hood and city that he was going to return home rich. Detailing his hustle he claims that at a very young age he left home and had to upgrade. He claims to have upgraded from being a child to a man in no time and now he is living his best life (La vida loca).

“Zone” which is arguably best song on the album is a song which talks about a failed love. In the song he talks about a certain lady who did not treat him nice when he was at his low moment. He claims that any man she sets her eyes on-she normally tries to manipulate. Stating that the toxic relationship he had with her thought him not to trust any woman. He finishes off by declaring that he is now okay and doing well in his zone and he cannot be fooled twice. This piece of good music was created with the help of Tellaman.

“Ababulali” is a song that he uses to appreciate and celebrate his dad and his inputs in his life. Listing all the things he could do for his father he declares that he will do them now that he is alive. He goes on to thank him for all he did for him as a child and promises him to be the best father to his children.

In another real good song, he features the skills of T.I. and they created another dope joint. “All in” is a song that he uses tell the world that he pays his dues everyday by putting all in. He claims that he does not care what others will do or say to him. He declares that he will always do what he does by putting all his energy and resources to work regardless of what the world says. He finishes off by stating that his discipline and devotion has been making him sparkle and it will continue so.

In summary, the album is entertaining and not noisy. It’s an album one can play and just go about one’s daily chores. Music like this last the test of time because the songs are cool. The songs are really cool and it is sad we cannot fully analyze the songs in this album. What one can do is getting the song via various platform and enjoy.

Nasty C Zulu Man with some Power Album Review

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