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Lil’kim released the visual for the song “Nasty One” and it is an okay sound for her fans if her fans were twenty to thirty-five years of age. A song which is a close relation to the song by Wizkid featuring Drake (come closer). Is a song with nice beat, disjointed lyrics and lacks originality. I believe Kimberly Denise Jones whois fourty-three or fourty-four should be doing better songs that one could relate to her age and musical level. If a Cardi B is making a song like this then it is dope. But for her in this music is like Jay-z singing about selling coke in it’s raw truth rap verses like he did in the blueprint albums.

Cardi B, Niki Minaj, Eve, missy Eliot are all the women who have extended the scanty line of female rap music which Lil’kim is like their mother because she rolled with the hiphop greats. I may say I love this her song because I am under thirty but the question her is: Is she supposed to be dishing out a very erotic sound like this in this manner?  I don’t mean no disrespect but the truth is Lil’kim’s fans must be around fourty-five to fifty years of age. I am not saying she should reduce her swag, fashion or makeup. All I am suggesting is for her to refine her message but still using her vocal style. The real Lil’Kim only appeared in four bars of this song in terms of her original vocal style. She was too fake trying to sound like today’s MCs. Now this song would have been a real mature song if she sang this song by making it narrative or making the song sound like a flash back to her early life. This is one thing Shawn Carter is getting right in his latest album releases. She should sing this kind of songs as a third person present. She would affected this generation of music lovers if she sang of topic relevant to her age leaving “nasty song” to the musicians of this generation. I can’t just imagine her in the studio bursting her brain to release this fake song. But maybe she is still much in the games twenty-year olds play but I must say Lil’ Kim the Queen Bee should do better because it is not good for her age and those she mentor and teach.


The song talks about erotic feelings of a lady for a man in her life. Lil tells the man why she is indispensable to. He tells him that he can’t get off her loving grip because she is the only one who can give him that kind of loving anyway he needs it. She claims that she becomes nasty with him and she only feels that way with him. She calls the man to come be with the nasty one because seeing him makes her happy and builds confidence in her to take the world.


This song is a 2017/2018 Caribbean hiphop sound made known to me by popular by Canadian MC Drake and Nigerian popstar Wizkid. It is characterized by the irregular kick dropping with xylophone sound pattern. If you listen to Wiskid’s “come closer” or “Drakes One dance” then you can relate. The Engineering of this song is good because producing a song with no baseline or harmonious keys is some piece of work. Shout out to the producer.


I am a big fan of drone shot visuals with water scene. They got the pictures clean and clear. I like the directing too but not the creative part of the story line. The Casting is okay with just one flaw of allowing Lil play the part she sang about. I believe she should have just done a narrative job in the video because she has to be playing some mature role. This song is really bad that I don’t like eighty percent of the song.

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