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Tory Lanez The New Toronto 3 Album Review

There is much difference between what Tory Lanez did in The New Toronto 3 album; and what Lil Uzi vert did in his eternal Atake album. Lyrically this album should make it to the top Billboard 200 charts if Eternal Atake was the standard. The major difference is the variety in delivery. The delivery of this album was done using three major channels. Tory mixed his ability to sing and rap to deliver an album that Trap, RnB and Boom box rap lover will love. In some records he sounds 2Pac/Biggy and in some he sounded like Designer. While in some other songs he sounded like a regular RnB singer. The New Toronto 3 is a complete album that anybody will love. It is not a bad effort at all and has massive potentials if well promoted.


This is an autobiographical and gangster lyrically themed album. Tory Lanez uses this album to discuss everything that made him go into music. Just as he discusses his struggles he talks about his standard of living. He also uses the album to talk of his new found standard of life. Tory created his album based on three major topic sentence as analyzed below.

The first notable topic rapped about in this album is that of a broken heart. In the song titled “Who needs love”, he goes after his ex-lovers and friends. Rapping about how relationships he thought will save him never worked out because they never really deserved him. He tells them that he has money now, hence he does not need love. In another song which he sings, titled “Penthouse Red”; Tory sings about breaking up with his ex and moving on. He talks about the disgrace he has had to deal with as a result of the relationship. Siting some examples, he talks about her drug and alcohol use and the way she goes around washing their dirty linen outside. In the chorus he tells her to go live her life the way she wants because he wants to live his own life for himself for once. “Fcks” is a song that features Mansa and they sing about a lady who betrayed his love. They give two different version of stories about this lady and claimed to have been played by the lady. “D.N.D” is a song that resounds a message to his ex-lovers that they do not deserve him.

The second topic sentence is his life from suffering to riches and wealth. Tory made some of the best records on this album with this topic sentence. “Back in Business” talks about how he made it through the hard times. Opening the song with what his mother told him. He said that she once prophesied that his music will make him millions and put food on his table. In the opening song titled “Pricey & Spicy”, he sings about the life of affluence and riches. Talking about his money and wealth, he tells everybody to give him some respects because he has paid his dues. He tells the world that he paid the price of success hence he has become spicy. In the song titled “The coldest playboy”, he sings about his life in high school. He talks about his involvement in shady business before eventually bumping into music.

The third song talks about street life and how he navigated them. “MSG 4 God’s Children” is a song that Tory uses to teach Children and youths from the streets he grew up in to change. Using some biblical messages, he tells them that they should not make same mistakes that he made. He talks about being contempt with what they have. Telling them to stay away from what they cannot afford-he claims those are the forces that make them get involved in social vices. “Accidents Happen” which feature Lil Tjay talks about evil things that happened in his line of business. Claiming that many things that happened was by accident but agrees that what caused them where not by accident. “Stupid again” is a song that talks about stuffs that he does that people tag stupid. He uses the song to tell people that he is ready to be stupid again and again.


The production is very impressive judging from the quality and variety of sounds made. I am actually in love with the celestial/choir themed trap beats of this album. “Pricey & Spicy”, “Back in Business” and “The Coldest Playboy” are songs that will send some goose bumps when someone listens to the songs from a good sound system. The choir keys gave it the celestial theme allowing for a good lyrically strong mumble raps to be delivered. In the Boom box rap song, the songs were kept basic. For example “MSG 4 God’s Children” was made using some looped vocals and basic kick, snare and pad keys. The vocals were delivered in perfect switches from mumbles to yelling and to singing. “Who needs Love” saw Tory sing; while “Letter to the City 2” saw him rap by using free flowing rhymes and punch lines.


“Pricey & Spicy” and “Back in Business” have very huge potentials of becoming street hits. The message and vibe is just so lit. There are no real flops in this album. If any song becomes a flop in sales, it will not be a flop because of quality but because of Tory’s Fanbase. This Album can compete with some of the best rap album release this year. And by this I mean in its quality in beats, lyrics and delivery.

Tory Lanez The New Toronto 3 Album Review

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