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Read New York City girl Review while listening the the song below

Music is like a game in a casino. You can play and hit a jackpot with the right artist. The romance between Fireboy DML and the Olamide owned label has blossomed into a joint ownership of the “Jealous” singer. Signing with Empire records in the United States means that Fireboy has songs that are good for the international market. Olamide who has grown from being a raiser of hood rappers has evolved into an investor looking for good international musical representation. Fireboy has provided him that opportunity and this music romance between Olamide and Fireboy DML is going to linger on provided both parties are happy.

One may be wondering why, I am not talking about the music but the artist and his record labels. The truth of the fact is: New York City girl is a wonderful afropop song which will cross borders. I can comfortably place it in same category with Beyonce and Wizkid “Brown Skin Girl”. You might wonder why; the answer is in the production and the skills Fireboy puts into the lyrics. Vocied in all English lyrics, Fireboy creates a song that many who are not Nigerians, won’t have to bug their minds to understand. Staying true to his Shekere influenced sound, Fireboy shows the world that he can make different types of songs using same afrobeats elements like Fela Kuti.


The song is a plea song to a traveling lady whose path crossed with Fireboy DML. Stating that this lady is from New York City, he claims she just came into Nigeria and was about to go back for a summer vacation.

Fireboy DML opens up the song with a chorus pleading with the New York City lady to accept his advances and date him. Stating that he does not care if she is in a relationship, he begs her to run away with him. He finishes off the chorus by telling her to just give him one last dance.

# New York City girl Review

The verse has DML sings about her coming into town last month. Observing that she will soon be going back to her country, he claims he just wanted to have a good time with her. Good time in this sense could be outings or in love making. Claiming that he does not mind if it is a one night stand or maybe two times, he pleads with her to be with him before she catches her flight back home.

Futhermore, Fireboy DML give a lyrical description of how she makes him feels. He calls her a wind because she was just traveling through Nigeria when their paths crossed. He states that she has the prettiest smile and the witest mind. Stating that she makes him sing and act like he is high on a strong drugs; he begs her to have one more dance with him before she catches her fligt back home.


The song is produced with thesame ideology like his album: “Laughter, Tears and Goosebumps”. With a light percussion line, the beat is dominated by a slow pon pon snare rim with an underlying afrobeats Shekere. What makes this beat different is the limited amount of kicks. It makes the song sound RnB and soul music mixed in one.

For the rhythmic keys, a good interplay of acoustic and electronic guitars were used to provide a suitable lead, alternate and baseline strings. Using some transition risers to add colour to the production, the beat is relatively easy to sequence but technical in mixing and mastering.

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