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Aubrey Drake Graham is showing the world day by day that he is got talent releasing hit upon hit. Drake Nice for What is on billboard number one on the hot 100 singles but after listening to it over and over again, I am still wondering if it deserves it. I feel this song is like DJ tweaking a song on his turn table with an upcoming artist free styling along. Murda Beatz stole the show and drake allowed it. This song is more of the beat than the message because I was thrown away nodding my head than listening to the lyrics itself. Drake reduced the message of this song by too much quality from murda Beatz. That put aside, the song is a good work of art although not on same level with God’s plan.


The song is a special dedication to hustling single women. The song talks about a lady who dake knows and for some reason was out of a relationship for a year and has been her own boss. She has her own house and car, pays her bill and does not need any body and not even a guy to do it. He states that this lady has been in a relationship and know all about it and feels comfortable being single, living a free life doing what she wants to do at any time. Drake states that this lady has been through some really dark times but rose above it to become who she is. He also reveals that this lady could be referred to as a rude and no nice lady. But he gives this lady toms up because he does not see why she should worry herself and being nice to fake men in the hood.

Drake speaks for unmarried and single ladies who are working hard and are independent of everybody around them. He tells them that they don’t need to be nice because they have all they want so being nice is not worth it. Indirectly saying that they are the boss and being bossy and arrogant is allowed as long as you not being supported by any man and it is their life.


Produced by Canadian hitmaker Shane Lee Lindstrom a.k.a Murda Beatz, the song is a perfect 1990s beat characterized by the absence of harmonious strings and octave. It is a fine blend of Hardcore and Trap sound with heavy kicks and and contineous skipping hats. The track samples Lauryn Hill’s The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill classic “Ex-Factor,” and gives the same impression of the different lady chorus singers Biggie or 2pac used in their songs. Murda used a party hall DJ turn table style; hooking and releasing the beat on intervals while scratching the looped vocal and beats. Also He introduces the call and response in the middle of the song to give a clear illustration of a dance hall. In terms of mastering and engineering, Murda did some very good job by not diverting from a raw 90s hiphop sound to this 2010s digital sound. He kept it real and original.


For a video like this Drake and his crew with Karena Evan at the top of thing did some real quite scouting for this video. Scouting for most single ladies in Hollywood. The concept is good and drake switching his music to more motivational and mature sounds and visuals it highly applauded by cillacritic. In terms of colours and themes I personally love the use of flares in almost the scene. A total professional work. This video is expensive and is worth it but is not on same level as goods plan.

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