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Nikita Dinero: Dr Dolor creating an all-female label

Listen to Nikita Dinero while reading the review below

The Music industry in Nigeria is dominated by male stars. This expression those not claim that females are not really represented but the ratio of male stars to female stars is large. This stereotype can be said to have come to be because there is a belief that women cannot go all out in music. However with the revelation of Yemi Alade and Tiwa Savage in recent years, female musician are now taken very seriously. One person who is taking female music to the next level in Nigeria is the founder and CEO of Dr Dolor entertainment. Osadolor Nate Asemota who signed Teni and released her to the music scene in 2017 have just unveiled a new rap artist who is also female. Going by the stage name of Nikita, this lady may have just taken the rap batten from where Eva Alordiah dropped it. Spiced with some element of gang star musical personality, Nikita might just become that aggressive figure that an all-female record label like Dr Dolor entertainment needs.

Dinero is a good jam which could go viral with good market strategy. If promoted well like Falz’s Bop Daddy, then this song can become a social media hit. It might even become a street and radio hit if good investment is made. Although the song lacks good lyrical content, Teni has that touch that can make any song sell. The 808 influenced hiphop beat is a direct switch in the Afropop songs that Dr Dolor entertainment is known for and it is a welcomed development.


The word “Dinero” is a street word that is used instead of the word money.  Someone who is rich could say: “I am bucks up with Dinero”. So this song which Nikita makes with the help of Teni is all about being bucks up with Dinero and feeling proud and rude about ones luxury lifestyle. Nikita who opens up the song brags about how she is a boss of her own. She declares that she does not do what people tell her because she has a lot of money. In the first verse she insults a fictional person who was trying to cross her part. Calling him/her a mad person, she ask him that”: can’t you see I am sick with the flow. Bragging about her luxury style, she claims she breaths and lives designer clothes. She goes on to insult the fictional fellow by calling him “Ojukokoro” which is a Yoruba word meaning “greedy person”. She goes on to ask the fellow why he/she is staring at her as if she is with something he/she owns. Finishing of her verse, she repeats her chorus by telling everyone that she does not listen to everything people tell her because she is bucks up.

Teni who takes the second verse, sings about rolling out in all of her royalty. Stating that she will always make an appearance when she rolls out in a yellow Lamborghini, she brags about having lots money. Going after the fictional fellow that Nikita went after, she uses some f-words for him/her. Declaring her presence, she calls herself Teni Makanaki, the one with lots of money. She goes on to insult the fellow, using some F-words before repeating the chorus.

# Nikita Dinero


This is a hiphop beat characterized by heavy 808 bass kicks and alien solo sound. The beat has a very high level of bump to it which can get anyone bouncing to the vibe. The percussion line is kept basic with regular kicks, hi-hats and vintage 707 or 808 snare. The arrangement of the song is pretty interesting with three chorus and two verses, it is easy for the chorus to stick to that mind.  Although the song is lyrically poor, the beat and vocal distinction of Nikita and Teni makes the production interesting. Lastly, the beat is void of unnecessary echoes and vocal filter. This made the beat sound very vintage when listened to.

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