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Niniola Addicted Review

Niniola is in a class of her own. The sound she makes separates her from most African musician. Afro-house gerne of Afropop music was popular in the 80s and 90s but Niniola and Sarz are making the sound evergreen. A sound which like Afro-fusion is not just about the selection of instrument or patterns of playing the persuasion, but more of how the sound mixed and mastered; is nothing but a genius sound. Also the way the lyrics are sang also unique. More like how mumble rap is different from other free flowing rap, Afro-house songs have a uniqueness to the vocals. Most of the time one cannot really define the genre but can only know it when it is played.

Addicted which is a song that will be much appreciated in the Southern part of Africa blends Afro-house and Amapiano. This two genre of music are South African sounds which have a uniqueness like most Afropop sound. This makes this song by Niniola unique in every sense. Niniola and Sarz have in the past four to five years created songs using this brand of music and this has made her songs different from other Nigerian Artist. If one wants to listen to African songs which are not ponpon, makosa, Afrobeats or alternate sound, then Niniola is that lady to listen to.


The song is a simple song with very few lyrical content. What Niniola does was to repeat her lyrics to drive home her message. The song is a love song which talks about one’s addiction to one’s lover. Niniola opens the song by stating that she finds it hard to live without or self-sustain without her lover. According to her she longs to locate her lover whenever she is not with him. Revealing that her lover is from America, she tells him that he knows that she cannot live without his love and touch.

Niniola Addicted Review

 The chorus has Niniola tell her lover that he knows that she needs his touch. She declares that she cannot live without his touch because she is addicted to him.

The second verse has Niniola sing about how she feels around her lover. She tells him to come running to her and take his place at where he truly belongs. She makes this plea while telling him that she needs his touch. She also tells him that she needs his love because she is addicted to him.


The beat is a blend of Afro-house with an underlying makosa sound element. What differentiates the sound is the South African shaker (The Nigerian blind-woman Shakers) which like the Afrobeats shekere dominates the sound. Unlike the shekere in Afrobeats, this Blind-woman shaker has a metal sound to it. It is played at every fourth sequencing bar just like a reggae string or an Afrobeats shekere. Another unique instrument is the way Sarz plays the baseline especially in the interlude.

 As regards the rhythmic key, the sound is made with a reoccurring horn-like sound from start to finish. Giving it this Afro-house feel that is synonymous with Chakachaka. Sarz also uses some Chinese solo flute sound that is unique to Yanni the Jazz master; to add colour to the low octave sound which serves as the pad sound.

The song is a simple song that has two short eight bars of solo each that is entwined into a chorus. The beauty of the song is that the verse and the chorus are not very distinctive from each other. There was no much work done in the transition like in the case of many songs. There was no drum roll but only a few riser sound effects.

Niniola Addicted Review

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