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Niniola Promise Review

Nigeria popular music which is regarded as Afropop or better as Afrobeats was not always the sound Nigerians or Africans made in modern music. Afropop was birthed after Nigerians tried their hands with different western sound. There was a time when Nigerians made good soul, RnB, pop and Hiphop music which could compete with any sound made outside the sores of Africa.

But with the growing sound of Afropop music with Afrobeats taking the lead, one could easily forget that there was a time people sounded more American or English. However, once in a blue moon a musician always finds a way to tell the world that Africans can compete with their sound and beat them. That type of song that can compete with Western music makers in their tuff is the first single which Niniola releases in 2021

First of all when one listens to “Promise”, one could tag it a song made by Toni Braxton when she was in her prime. The vocal delivery and lyrical composition could make any music pundit or lover tag it a song made by her. But when you find out that is Niniola, a musician known for her Afro-house music genre, made the song- one could be disappointed. This record is a classic irrespective of what the market sales or airplay is going to achieve. This reason for this declarationis because of the lyrics and production. It will be appreciated by a few but that few will always put it on replay and could become trans-generational.


The song is a simple soul music which has all the element of vintage soul music made in late 90s, early and mid-2000s. The snare rim, bells, acoustic guitars and electronic guitars all gave it this originally in sound. Also the vocal coordination as regards the purity in sound is just epic especially with a relatively alien sound like this. The peak of this beat and general production is where Niniola modulates and colour is added to the vocals by a slayer lead guitar soloing in the background. It will sure give people Goosebumps if it is performed in a live stage. 


The song is about a lady who just recently parted ways with her lover. While finding it hard to accept the reality of the breakup she claims that she was the best person for her ex. And promises her ex that he will never find someone like her all his life.

The song opens up with Niniola singing from the perspective of the lady who just broke up as a result her ex’s betrayal. She uses a metaphor to reveal that the breakup has left a bitter taste in her mouth. To give a clear cause of the actual breakup she claims that her ex-lover was cold hearted liar who was always lied to her face. Calling out for help due to the emotional trauma the truth and breakup was making her pass through; she claims everything in her mind was becoming crazy.

In chorus she pours out heart just like any heartbroken woman would do and vows that he will never find a good woman like her all his life.  In a swear/promise manner she declares that he promise him he will not never find a lady that will love and respect him the way she did. Lamenting further she states that after all she did to make them work, the betraying lover of hers still chose another girl instead of her. She further explains that his attitude and decision towards her suddenly changed even after she tried to make him feel accepted.

Niniola Promise Review

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