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I had to listen to this album for a second time with a good Ofia headphones to really appreciate this album. I head some critics say on the radio that Kizz Daniel made an album of good beats with zero story telling and No Bad Songs. I feel it was bad for them to say so when they have not listened to it with a good device such as this pair of Ofia earpiece I am using. This album has a supersonic touch and I must say the Nigerian musical fan base must be in dilemma on whose album to take seriously. Mayokun and Mr Eazi produced some very good album but the story telling exhibited by Kizz Daniel is out of here. I hate when people who have not really gone into a vocal boot or been part of a production process talk about musician in a bad way. This Album has almost all the elements of a good album. The production is dope and the Story telling is quite okay. One can argue with his CHI (God) that there are not great songs in this album but the truth is that one can’t sort out a bad song. In this No Bad Songs Review; I will try to explain the song to enlighten us on the album.

Kizz Daniel uses this album to display to the world that he is a good party mover. Listening to some of the musical critics on the radio, they were of the opinion Daniel had no story line in his album and is a dumb and funny summation. Afrobeats and Afropop in recent times is a music genre that has three basic stories to tell. One is Women, two is Money, and three is success and making it out of the poor hoods. These three topics was dealt with in this album in some very well selected lyrics. This album is dominated by stories of men and women relationships from real love to a one night stand issues. Although this album has some moral songs, the number of male-female relationship tales is of a high number. It is an album that describes the different ways Nigerian Men and Woman react and take emotions on various levels. These songs might not be a 10 on a scale of one to ten but none of these songs are below five. He called this album No bad Songs and I can say it has no bad songs. He just has to promote the right songs




“Aye” which is the opening track tells a story of a guy who has been a friend to a lady for a while and wants to upgrade his status from just a friends to a lover. “Bad” which features Wretch 32; tells a story of a flirt who finds a girl he likes and goes after her with some flattery words.  In “Happy” Kizz Daniel tells a story of girl he once took out to have a good time. He explains that after the whole time out he requested to take the girl home and make her erotically happy. Diplo teamed up with him in the song titled “Ikwe” and they told a story of infidelity. He tells a story of being cut in his house with a lady next door by his girlfriend. In the second verse he also claims that a lady who he knows her man once asked him to get down with her.

Ghanaian’s veteran Award winning Rapper Sarkodie teamed up with Kizz in the song titled “Kojo”. They sang about being a lady lover in both emotional and erotica ways generally. “Madu” goes erotica again with Kizz telling a story initiating the idea of having some sexual intercourse with a lady in some very electrifying ways. Phelkeys working with Kizz made the song “Nesesari” which describes the body of a lady they once met-they declared her body necessary to be with. In “Over” Kizz tells a story of a Nigerian man who is refused by a lady he loves because he has a history of being a player. “Poko” which is the originally an exclamation word used in Nigeria to explain a perfect situation is used by Kizz Daniel to describe a lady’s beauty in a music. Working with DJ exclusive and Demmie Vee, they made a song title “Somebody dey” which reveals what a lady told him when he asked her out. He claims the lady asked him if he has money. Diamond Platnumz teaming up with Him in the song “Tere” made a song that paints a picture of a Kizz asking a lady to be with him because he does not want the other options. He claims this lady is special because she was not his dream spec but due to the love he has for her, he is ready to dance to any love tune she plays. The final Song about love on this album talks about a one night stand with two girls called Chinelo and Onome. In this song titled “Time nor Dey”; Kizz tells a story of his Casanova exploits with these two ladies claiming that when a guy gets an opportunity like that he must take it because there is no Time.

Spicing the Album with other stories which are not related to women and different love stories, Kizz made some songs that are for me the best songs in the Album. “Tobi” which is the last song on the album talks about the being humble and knowing that life is in faces. He admonishes people to never take people for granted because they are well placed in life at the moment. He declares that one may have today but loose everything tomorrow.

South African Rapper and Kizz Daniel made a song titled as “Ghetto” and I say this is the best Driving song in this album. It tells stories of the life in hood where young African guys live. He takes a swipe on the police and fake friends who make up the hood. They claim that the kind of life they are exposed to as young kids made them have the thought of living large like Pablo. “Gods” had Kizz pray to God in some African influenced style. He uses the Nigerian way of praying to their ancestors to make music. He also admonishes the youth to take life easy and wait for God’s own time to bless them.

“Ja” is a word in Yoruba which mean going out of control or liberated. Kizz made this song to tell the world that at some times that we have to go out of our self-control. He claims that playing it low-key and holy is what kills some people. He declares that losing it at sometimes is necessary to make a better life. He discuss political issues in Nigeria and how Nigerians are tired of the issues of election rigging. He discusses police oppression on young men in the street just because they caught a few who are into internet fraud. He finally advices guys that want to go crazy with ladies that they should always go with their condoms.


No Bad Songs Review will not be complete without talking about the music production and producers.  Pheelz Mr. Producer, DJ Coublon, Major Banks, and other producers of this album are just wonderful with their afrobeats and afropop production process. DJ Coublon made the best party beat in this album with his “Ja” production. He taps from traditional Yoruba orator vocal style to create the baseline and Chorus call and response feel. The production is African with so many African vibes in it-from the popular ponpon drum sounds, to shouts from the background. His production in this album will turn on any party weather in a traditional certain or in a 21st century setting. The Production of Pheelz Mr Producer is another production to applaud because of the pure touch of Fela afrobeats in it. There are elements that make Fela’s music different from other musicians in Africa and it includes the way the shekere and the Gong is played. Pheelz use of the Gong pattern in this song is one of the two highlights of the beat. While the other highlight is the call and Response part of the chorus. It made it sound like Tradition Yoruba story teller talking to a group of children who are about to sit on a mat and listen to Tales by moonlight.

In all, the production was great and these producers along with Fly boy entertainment did some good production work on this album. There is no Bad Beat.



All the songs have the elements in them to become hits but “Ja”, Madu, “Aye”, “Happy”, “Ghetto”, “Bad” and “Kojo” stand out because of either the mad production or the personalities featured in them.



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