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The first place I heard this music was from a dance skit made by a family in isolation due to the Corona Virus. And I fell in love with the dance steps and the music. I did not need anybody to tell me that Joeboy was behind the captivating vocals. However I was surprised that Mr Eazi was also featured. I have listened to a lot of music in my life time to know that featuring two singing stars in a song is a gamble. The reason for this assumption is that one artist always ends up doing better than the other. But in this No Body single, Eazi and Joeboy had to the share the spoils of their musical war. Although I must say that Mr Eazi gained more from the collaboration because since the release of his last album, he has not made any real hit.

DJ Neptune has over the past years shown the world that he understand his sound, dance floor and artist. When he featured Runtown, they created a classic. “No body” single might have just joined that his list of classic song. Ranking in the top ten streamed songs is not an easy feat and Neptune just arrived there with Fireboy DML’s song as the only African artist ahead of him. This was achieved by evenly sharing the lyrics between Joe and Eazi thereby creating a unique harmony in sound.


The song talks about a jealous lover who does not want to hear people talking about his lady in a negative or positive way. Joeboy and Eazi warns their lover in a responsive chorus. Describing her body figure as a tempting one, Joeboy acknowledges that she could attract any man. Hence he has decided to warn her beforehand as regards infidelity. He declares that he will not take it likely if he hears or sees her with another man.

Mr Eazi uses his verse to profess his love for this set lady. He claims that he has already seen her with a guy called Sorji but also warns her that he will not be glad to hear or see her with another man. He praise her body and looks while telling her that she is the only one for him.


The song opens up with some kind of hit sound while flowing into a ponpon beat. Unlike most ponpon beat that has a wood or metal as the snare instrument, Neptune used a regular snare. He does this while backing it up with a conga beat, Bongo roll and a trap snare roll to add variety and colour in the percussion line.

As regards the strings and keys, the song is played with a charago guitar interlude play. The guitar serves as the life and primary key of the music while backed up with a sequence pad sound. The solo instrument is a high pitched small orchestral trumpet sound that can be heard in the outro.

As regards the vocal works, I must say toms up to Joeboy for his colourful voice. The idea to share the lyrics between the two artists was a nice idea. I love the way Mr Eazi calls and Joeboy responds. It makes it have the same characteristics with R.Kelly/Usher collaboration in “same girl”.


The selection of a good video vixen is of very great importance to this video. Creating a video of a lady who has a rocking body with guys calling at her from all angles will do well. However, this is a song that needs a lot dance scenes because the first thing I feel when I play this song is to dance.

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