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Ocean: Good songs don’t make it to top 5

I believe music should be magical. It should have a way of slipping its way into our minds, hearts and soul without us having a clue what just hit us. It should be conveyed in a way that feels spiritual. Most at times musicians, music producers and rating critics don’t really get that right and it is a very sad. I was checking up YouTube and I found this song made by a DJ and one of today’s soul guru Khalid. Martin Garrix took production to another level when they made the music titled “ocean”. This song is supposed to be among the best trending sound of July and august because of everything it stands for in terms of sound and lyrics. This song is best played in early hours of the day when everything in your mind is calm so that you can hear the violins and harmony at the clearest frequency of your relaxed spirit. I was kind of lost in the moment when I first heard this song and I could not just bear but hate it that songs like this don’t make it into good spots on the billboards and radio. Garrix strolled out of what normal DJs do when they hire a vocal artist to make music with them. He went for musical drama in his production and wanted a person with superb vocal and emotion imposing personality to exact his sound into the hearts of many. I must say he has won my heart with this song and if you are reading this then you should please download and listen and give me your view via a comment.


“You could put an ocean between our love, It won’t keep us apart, You could build a wall, I would run it up, Just to get to your heart, If we’re caught in a wave, Baby, we’ll make a way, You could put an ocean between our love, It won’t keep us apart”.

Great songs are not great because of great artist but because of great lyrics and production. Ocean has it all because it has poetry and melody at its best. How would you feel if you lover woke you up with those words written in the extract above. Love is a magical feeling if is done in the right way. Khalid was giving words that only true love could push someone to say. When you love someone obstacle and distance can’t just be a hindrance because love conquers all. There are some songs which cannot be explained because they have been well explained in the song. All you need do is Google it and listen. But as a recap; Khalid is talking about the impossibilities of obstacles when love is in motion. He talks about distance not being a limitation to real love because when negativity comes in, the full positive energy of LOVE will surely climb above it.


Lyrics with drama need beats with very good drama to be able to achieve the expectation. The keyboard pad sound patterns that open up this song is played in two separate keys driving this kind of tension into the song. The reverberation of the vocals in this song is epic because it has this way of blending with orchestral octave sound that follows it. Another element that adds drama to this song is choir hoooo sound made by the slayer guitar that follows the pre-chorus. The percussion has the use of distant kick and bongo to play the normal RnB beat giving the song this kind of feeling like the music is playing from afar. This is switched up in the chorus by switching of this effects by using real snare sounds and kicks. If you are looking for drama at every spoken word of the vocalist interpreted in every strings or piece of instrument used by a producers then you have to listen to this song. Every emotion was interpreted in the sound by Garrix and it is much appreciated by cillacritic.


An all-black costumed video with the only touch of colour being the lights, Khalid’s bow tie and translucent love box housing two figures of a male and a female is what I call drama. The choice of using a warehouse and an abandoned parking lot for this video is just epic. I really love the cinematographer’s idea of using mirrors to cast different reflections of the point light and it is just beyond normal. The blinking light are just some real interpretation of mood and music in pictures. Good song, cheap budget but dope video.



Valentine Chiamaka

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