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Olivia Rodrigo Drivers License

At the end of 2020 if someone told me that a heart break song is the song we will use to flag off our 2021 songs review, I would have said no way. But that is were find ourselves. Olivia Rodrigo’s song just made it to the top of the Billboard hot 100 singles chart and it a heart break medley.

For lovers out there; have you been in a situation where you have planned your future with someone only to be living the future but not with that person? That is what Olivia tries to explore in this song. She makes the song from the perspective of a young minor who falls in love and gets her dreams about a love story not coming through because her lover broke up with her. Released on January 8 2021, Olivia have been able to throw the world into a sad love mood.

Olivia Rodrigo Drivers License Official Video.


The song is a simple song which has a mixture blues, folk and country music all melted together. Produced by Dan Nigro, he plays with different element of different of genres of music. At the beginning of the song he plays with some claps that gives it this folk music flavour while playing with a play of country music key boards tunes. To give it that blues feeling, Nigro added some orchestral tunes which creates a really solemn/ medley feel to the song.


The song explains how a teenage girl deals with breaking up with her much older boy friend. Olivia who is just seventeen years of age sings about how she got dumped by her lover who once promised to be with her forever. She makes the song to sound in form of a piece of letter to her lover who is also a musician.

The songs opens by revealing that she just got her drivers license a week before just like she and her ex-lover planed it. Detailing that the reason she had to take her drivers lessons serious was because she was trying to fulfill the yearnings of her ex who wanted her to be able to drive to his place alone. In a sober tune she reveals that she has the license and can now drive alone. But the sad truth was that she could only drive past his house but not into his compound because they are not together anymore.

To buttress why she was in a sober mood, she goes on to reveal that her ex who is much older than her could actually be with an older girl who she simply referred to as “the blonde”. Detailing that she knows that the reason he chose the much older girl is because of her so many insecurities as a minor. She laments and wonders how she will be able to pick herself up and love someone else.

The second and last verse had her explain how terrible she have been dealing with the breakup. She explains that her friends are tired of hearing her talk about how she misses him. She also outlines that she cannot seem to go and pass by places they have been together because of the emotions that grips her.

In a pre-chorus she outlines that she knows that the age gap between her and her ex-lover was not perfect. But however claims that she has never loved anybody like she did him; and wonders how he feels very comfortable moving on from what they shared together without looking back. She sums up his behavior in a chorus and concludes that all he said in his songs about loving her forever were all lies because he did not love her that much to stay with her.

Olivia Rodrigo Drivers License

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