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Omah Lay What have we done EP Review

Omah Lay got the Nigerian music space buzzing with his songs early on in 2020. He swept everybody with his style of vocals and detailed lyrics. In a space of eight months Omah Lay have grown from being an ordinary sound cloud musician to one of Nigerian’s biggest hit makers. In this EP which he titles “What have we done?” He sings from the perspective of a man still trying to adjust to the life of a superstar.  He ask himself, his team and the world: “what have done?” Obviously he did not really understand the heights and sacrifices he would have to make to achieve this success. He uses the project to lay his mind out on few tracks.


Omah Lay fuse into different Afropop tunes ranging from ponpon beats, alternate sounds and some elements of Hiphop like he did for his “Get layd EP”. What makes Omah Lay and his sound different is the way he tries to pick his words when taking his verse- while the alternate or trap music beat plays.

One of the standout beat is the one created by a new kid in the block called Tempoe. The sound is a ponpon beat. What he did was produce an Afropop beat while using a base kick to give it that resounding weight and bump. The song has a sound that can make a dance hall blow up. But just as always one could hear all the lyrical content that Omah Lay spits. The general production of the EP was okay but in terms of clarity, it is not in same category like his first major production.


The lyrical theme of the EP was built on revealing how Omah have been dealing with his new found fame and fortune. He also add some love songs into the list to make it a complete Afropop playlist. With success in Music comes a lot of sacrifice and this extended playlist has Omah x-rays his struggles. In a song which he titles “Can’t Relate”, he sings about his new found life. In a modern Afrobeats sound, he sings about being the only one who can understand the struggles he faces as a super stars. According to him there are a lot of fake people who have flooded his personal space. He prays to God to remove anybody who does not wish to see him stay big. 

“Godly” is club banging sound that is an appreciation song to God for helping out of the hands of bad people. He thanks God for being God and keeping him in faith to be able to enjoy his protection when enemies tried to push him away from his success place. One can actually postulate a conspiracy theory from this song as a song that has Omah Lay tell the world that he was lucky not to be involved in fetish Voodoo to become a star. This can be heard in the first verse when he said: Only God knows the kind of things we do.  Either way, Omah Lay shows his class in the way he fuses his verse. The way he uses suiting rhymes to lay his lyrics is just so Omah Lay.

Switching up the lyrics, Omah lay sings about a lover of his who was once a maggot but now behaving like a Big snake. He claimed that his lady have suddenly become a task master who treats any mess up with emotional brutality. The song which is of same sound family like Wizkid’s “don’t dull” can make anybody grind to a slow dance. In another love song made by Omah Lay he goes back to his naughty boy lyrics. In this song he sings about being in the cold and ready to get erotic with his girlfriend. He claims that he is ready to take different sex stimulants to be able to last long during love making. The alternate song could get one feeling the beat from start finish.

Working with American Trap/RnB musician: 6lack, he created the remix of his hit song “Damn”.  6lack bodied the beat and gave his verse as a lover who acknowledges his lover. He claims that his lover loved him when nobody loved him. Declaring that he is no longer looking for a wofe because his lover loves him even with his life scars. “For You” is an alternate sound that Omah Lay voices his song like a country/ folk music maker. He sings about being able to do anything for his lover. In summary, Omah Lay believes in quality and so far his two projects are really dope and anyone can vibe to it because the lyrics are relatable.

Omah Lay What have we done EP Review

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