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Read Omah Lay’s Get Layd EP Review below while listening to the the songs.

Working on the EP released by Vector tha Viper, Attentions had to be directed to the trending artist on the Nigerian Music scene. He goes by the stage name Omah Lay but his birth name is Stanley Omah Didia. Born and groomed in Port Harcourt, this newest and trending artist create his sound by picking elements from two prominent styles. Popular Nigerian artist: Wurld, who calls his sound, Afrosoul, is one artist in Nigeria that blends Afropop and afrobeats percussion to his English influenced soul music. He does that effectively by reducing the ratio at which he uses Nigerian languages like pidgin and other local languages in his songs. This is what Omah Lay does with his songs but has a twist to it. Instead of dragging his lyrics, he throws the words out on a steady tempo while using beats that are highly influenced by Afrobeat shekere, ponpon wood instruments, reggae and with some trap music elements. This allows him produce sounds in same category with the sound that blew JoeBoy and Fireboy into the music scene last year. Another twist in his music is his branding and marketing. What Omah Lay does is selling himself as a bad boy who is not scared to talk loose in his records. A blend of crazy, English and Afropop in Omah Lay’s Get Layd EP is what you have.


The album is titled Get Layd and Omah does not fail in his quest to portray the EP to be a sexual. From “Damn” to “You”, all the songs are romantic, erotic or sexual. One may not notice because of the use of Afropop and Afrobeats but these songs are super erotic sounds. “Damn” is a song which talks about a lady Omah is dating. Using an RnB influenced beat, he talks about how the lady loves him in his bad state of mind and life. Listing how she loves him, he talks about the way she loves him when he smokes, jobless, drunk, wrong, fearless, fears God and lives rough. He claims his lady loves him unconditionally like damn.  Going on to appreciate her for her love and care, he calls her his gold, G.O.A.T and many more loving words.

“Bad Influence” is another song that Omah uses to talk about the influence of a lady in his mind. Personifying music and drugs as a woman, he talks about losing his ways because of this lady. He sings about losing his way because of his love for her. According to him, he has landed in a hospital ambulance because of her bad influence. Stating that she lied to him, he claims that he has been drinking and smoking for years, and now the doctors have given a death verdict which has left him in sambisa forest.  “Lo Lo” is a song that Omah uses to invite a lady to have a nice time in bed with him. Using a ponpon beat with high volume shekere, he tells his lady that he wants to show his lady something when they go low.

 “Ye Ye Ye” is a song which talks about an erotic sex scene. Omah Lay uses some very x-rated lyrics to describe how he gets down on his lover. He paints a picture of the way he goes down in and out of his lover. Using the “ye ye ye” phrase, he describe the way she moans during the electrified love making. He kills the sound with a trap music influenced beat. The last song on this EP is titled “You” and is a song that Omah uses to declare his love for his lover. Using a reggae influenced beat, Omah talks about loyalty to his lover because he loves her.


Working with STG, Swaps and a few others in the music industry, he was able to weave through three genre of music. These are found in the delivery and beats. In a song like “Ye Ye Ye”, Omah uses high reggae in his vocals while in “Damn” he uses his high soul music vocals. In “Lo Lo” he uses his Afropop/Afrobeat style to push his vocals.

Just like the way he switches in his vocal style, the producer made beats that are diverse too. For example “Damn” is an RnB/ponpon beat. While “Lo Lo” is Afrobeat/ponpon beat, and “Ye Ye Ye” is a Trap beat music. This EP is a composition of many sound weaved together in Afropop base.


There are no Flops in this five tracks EP. Omah Lay made an EP that will go viral very soon. However “Damn” will definitely blow across borders if well promoted because of the high RnB influence of the sound.

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