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Nigerian Afropop star Simi released her third studio album sometime in April and she has no doubt stolen Nigerians with her music. Simi is no doubt a genuine music maker with lots of lyrical strength and it was manifested in this album. This album which is dedicated to her dad judging from the tittle (Omo Charlie Champagne) and the tribute song is a master class. However, this album cannot stand in same heights with her second studio album: “Simisola”.  I cannot judge her for not writing good music or using her God given voice because she showed some real mastery of her gift. However her choice of making Oscar the lead producers made the album sound like a volume two of Simisola.

Putting the song on replay, I could not but notice the same sound pattern and arrangements with “Simisola” album. The choice of percussion instrument sounds was the same. The set of strings and method of play was the same. Looking at it from a positive perspective, we could argue that Simi is dominantly a high-life Afropop/soul artist hence the choice of production. However from experience and study of different producers, I can argue that each producer has his or her comfort zone in production. Producers have plugin and libraries that they will always use in any song. This is not because they are not good but because everybody has his or her style.

Oscar has been a good producer to Simi and I am not really surprised that Omo Charlie Champagne has had a relatively large influence in the Nigerian music market. However there is always going to be the laws of diminishing return with his production. I am grateful that Simi did some works with Legendury Beatz, Sess, Vtek and Maleekberry because they changed the musical feel of the album.

Let it be noted that is not anyway stating that Oscar is not a good producer but as a critic, I am of the opinion that Simi should give Oscar a kind of an executive producer position in the next album she will make and try another person with a different production style. She stands to gain a lot from working with a different producer because she will have a different musical Flavour to her sound. I could only pick out “move on” as the only song that made me go crazy apart from the earlier released song- “I don care”. Oscar’s music production style is good but if Simi is looking to work on another album then she should employ the services of another producers who will pick and produce music differently.

Possible Hits and Flops

The hits in this song include Jericho which feature Patoranking is produced by Vtek. There is clear a deviation from what Simi is known for and this adds to the groovy quality of the album. Another potential hit is “Move on” which was produced by Oscar. The transition from Verses to Chorus just brought back this magical feeling that most Simi’s songs are known for.

There is hardly any bad songs with Simi, however Songs like “Mind your Bizness” which features Falz is kind of dry. It may be become a hit but I am of the opinion that it was dry and with even thirsty bars from Falz. However with the beat with is pure Afropop dance hall sound; it sure has a relatively good potential of also becoming a hit.

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