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One day you will understand EP Review

Read One day you will understand EP Review while listening to the tracks below.

Mr Eazi broke in the music scene around 2016 and he blew because he was unique. He called his sound: Banku music and it was quite different from what the Nigerian musical sphere had back in the days. This was a slow beat afropop that had a lot of Ghanaian high-life music influence. The way he also voiced his songs was relatively slow which allows a listener to digest every word. Over the years his sound has started being swallowed by the Nigerian ponpon and shekere influenced sound.

The Nigerian Alternate sound which has become very popular has started making Mr Eazi to look the cool edge he used to have in his song. In recent times the energy that he had in his hit single: “Hollup” is gradually becoming a thing of the past. This change is found in this extended play album that he just released. From the track list, one can only see just one song that has the banku flavor of slow beat and soul approach to his vocals. This EP has some song that are good but Eazi should try to stick to his original sound because that sound slow banku sound is gold.


The EP is themed on love stories. Just like most modern Afropop songs, Mr Eazi looks for ways to talk about his erotic love to a lady. In the only Banku song on this album, he works with King Promise on a song titled “I’m Jealous”. Eazi uses the song to talk about his state of mind towards a lady he ones dated.

According to him, the relationship did not work out and the girl moved on to another man loved and respected her. He however laments that he would have loved to be the one that is having her love hence he is jealous of her new relationship.

“I nor go give upon you” is a song that Eazi uses to talk about his mission to get a lady. In his words he does not want to lose the opportunity to date his dream girl hence he is ready to do all within his power to have her. “Ogogoro nor sweet pami” is a song which Eazi uses to describe his lovers body and character. He uses the taste of Palm Wine (Pami) to qualify the sweetness of his lover. According to him, pami is sweeter than “Ogogoro” (locally made gin) hence he loves her.

# One day you will understand EP Review

The last song on the album has Mr Eazi work with producers and artist from StarBoy entertainment. Working with Legendury Beatz, C Natty and ePawa Africa they made a song titled “This your body na Gobe”. The song is used to sing about the smashing looks of a lady. Stating that they will want be with her, they claim to have enough money to take care of her.


Working with three distinct producers on a four track project shows how much Mr Eazi likes investing in his sound. But the problem from this type of arrangement is the fact that they do not really understand the type of artist Eazi is. They were producing Eazi’s song in a different way from his banku style. Legendury Beatz and Black Jeezy totally took him away from the Banku feel. The only song that sounded Bankuish is the song that is produced by Getty Beats. Although all the beats are groovy and cool to listen to, it must be outlined that Eazi is leaving his original sound. One will think that in a four track project that Eazi is supposed to have at least three Banku music instead of just one.


The songs are like sings and are supposed to create a buzz in the musical space. If promoted well, the songs will create the buzz it is meant to create.

Hope you found One day you will understand EP Review informative and entertaining. Please leave a comment.


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