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Last year when Simi released her epic album I was still in college and I could not do a full review of her album for then In Nigeria we have an adage which states that “Sugar will always attracts ants” which means anything on earth will always attract its like. If you are a good musician, you will attract a good musician. It is no news that the likes of Ayo Wizkid has always given Similola toms up on her music exploits. Now 2baba did one more by featuring in one of the most mature songs of 2017. Original is a song that addresses people who are too fake losing their originality trying to impress others. This new remix is not like the greatest but it brings a new dimension to the discussion as you read below.


Adding to what has already stated above, Simi put herself in the mirror and gives a brief biography of who she is and what she represents. She let everyone of her fans and followers to know that she can’t just please them at the detriment of her happiness. She tells the world to remain original people because you cannot satisfy everybody.

Innocent Ujah Idibia aka 2baba came with his own piece of contribution to the discussion in the lyrics stating that everyone on earth are all immigrants. Which means that no one is bigger or better than anyone or has better say. He states that everyone who finds himself on earth should be clever in decision making because some opportunities that open to a person might just be a trap. He lets us all know everything is not for everyone which is cool. He says everyone should feel happy and jahunsoke (meaning party and be merry in Yoruba) while counting our blessings waiting for a better and greater opportunity. He advises that no one for any reason should follow the evil road of fake life.


This is a very pure afrobeats sound with all the elements of Fela on it. It has all the imprints of legendary Fela’s Drummer Tony Allen on it too following his rules of making the ever popular African jazz sound. The ever presence of shekere (shakers) is also heard with good bled of trumpets and saxophones. The base line of this song is always unique any time I listen to it and is something I enjoy because it come periodically giving dance keys to people who love to move with the sound.


I feel Simi should take this sensitization to the stress especially the rich parts of Lagos where people hang out. There are people in bars who can’t pay for a house but are blowing up funds in the bar. There are people with wives yet dating younger ladies. There are lots of social ill and fake life that a street video can solve if adopted. This mad song could be redefined if given a mad video.

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