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About last two weeks I got a pop up notification from one of the musical blog I patronize on the premier of this song. I saw the name of Chris brown on it and I knew it was going to sound good. It did not disappoint me but the way Chris brown stole the show in this song made me begin to hate Chris (smiles). Chris is supposed to be a supporting act on this song but he became the lead. Agnez Mo left this song and everything that is supposed to make it her song for Chris. I can bet 500 bucks to anybody that people in African and Asia who will hear this song and will attribute it to Chris Brown. The beat style, the call and response, general mastering of this song has Chris Brown written all over it. I have listened to a few of Brown’s song which he featured female musician and they sound the same. Agnez should have given some restrictions to the producer’s use of Chris’s expertize. His voice is in his and Agnez’s solo which is not just what the rule is when you are being featured in a music. It too much overdose of Chris Brown on this song. Judging from the way the lyrics and production is, a jobless gossip can go around with the rumor that Chris Brown gave her the song which will not be cool at all.


This song is a simple song that describes the feeling a man or a lady feels for the first person that comes into their life in a relationship after a terrible break up with an ex. You can relate with me especially if you have been in a very bad breakup before that it really painful and there is this element of lack of trust and disappointment left in the party which is the victim of the breakup. After sometimes, the victim begin to accept reality and falls in love again and when he or she does with the right person; it’s like all in a mad or addiction kind of love. This is because the victim is actually lifted and made to believe in themselves and in love. Agnez and Chris painted a picture of what this could feel and be like in lyrics and it was kept as simple as possible. Nice message from this two.


This is pure RnB vibe with the beat opening up with a grand piano pattern being played with a distant sound of a snare drum. After the first eight bars comes the kicks while the vocal follow. The bridge or pre-chorus has the introduction of a different type of snare which leads into the chorus with more percussion instruments like the High hats. In terms of the keys used; there is a use of a lot atmospheric keys in this song to give it transitions and effect. There is zero use of string instrument in this song using only the grand piano sound as the heart and soul of this song. It is pure strict RnB sound. Also there is the presence of a detuned saw sound which is largely used as the baseline which kind of creates this attack and break feel while the two trap Hi-hat consistently run through the song especially in the chorus.


I goodled a little and I found a seaside video shot set scene for this video. For me it okay because it is duet and a love story. What can be so more interesting than having two lover cuddling in the sunset provided it has lots of wind and glares in the visuals, it will be a pretty nice feel.

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