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Everybody cannot be a Boss

I belong to the twenty-first century jet age set of human who believe in the power of being self-made and bosses. People all around carry around educating people on the
Hip Hop Music

40 feet Container: Teacher and Pupil chorus

I was working on Skales new album review when I got this music alert from the Oga boss himself Tobechukwu Melvin Ejiofor aka iLLBliss. The chorus got me remembering my
Afro Pop Music R n B

Reality: An Every Day Song for a Male hustler

Good day people how are we doing. The song before us is one from Rudeboy from the deformed group Psquare and the tittle is reality. Nice visuals and from the

VMAs Artist of the year: Who will Win

VMAs Artist of the year: Who will Win It is that time of the year again and I am really really looking forward to who is going to win artist
Afro Pop Music

To You: Timaya goes Back to Basics

Timaya goes Back to basics Searching up new videos on YouTube I found this song and the first song that popped up in my brain was J-martins’ song which featured


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